Jan 10 2009, 12:31 PM
I can't think of any :confused:. Just kidding. There's a hole in Modesto that has a cyclone fence running down the fairway. If you throw too far left you can usually get some good carroms off of it back toward the pin. Well my roller was heading right toward the fence, hits the fence and crawls up and over it for a sweet jump OB. Pretty funny, actually.

Jan 13 2009, 04:13 PM
Back in 2004 the Orc had just come out and I had just started playing ADV. At Robert Morris park in Kalamazoo hole 11 is a 450ish hole that plays across a field and the last 100 or so feet play downhill with the basket on the slope and road OB at the bottom of the hill.

I remember that there was a left to right wind that felt like more of a tailwind than a headwind. I had changed my grip a month or two before and I had just learned to throw 400 feet or so and I had parked the basket on hole 11 a couple of times (including the first round of this tourney). On this occasion I threw exactly like I had the first round--super hard and flat. The Orc went 300 feet straight--exactly as I had planned. What happened next I had never seen, but it made me start carrying an overstable driver. It started to track right. Slowly at first, but it seemed to be accelerating into the turn and down the hill. My group all lost sight of the disc as it screamed down and around the corner. When I walked to try and find it some people on a teepad @ the bottom of the hill all motioned me to keep going. I finally found my disc in between the two practice baskets at the bottom of the hill and down the road to the right somewhere between 800-1000 feet from where I started.

Jan 13 2009, 04:38 PM
I remember that hole from worlds. Did you end up near the parking lot?

FWIW, I saw that hole get Aced in the Semis.

Jan 13 2009, 05:23 PM
I remember that hole from worlds. Did you end up near the parking lot?

FWIW, I saw that hole get Aced in the Semis.

I was across from the parking lot out in the grassy area behind hole 1's tee. That must have been an incredible ace!

Jan 13 2009, 05:24 PM
wow. thats insane. i was at worlds also. that is truly a terrible shot! ;)

Jan 13 2009, 06:12 PM
I was at Idlewild on a beautiful July day around noon on a weekday. Nobody around for miles and I had the course to myself. 14 long I short my drive up the hill and I reach in my bag for my ESP Predator to throw an uphill forehand as hard as I can up the path to the basket nestled in the cedar trees. Not a sound can be heard....I release...and over my grunt I can hear a sound like wagon wheels and laughter. It was a 12 year old girl and her little brother careening down the path when they took a wrong turn on the walking path. The driver went a mere inch or two above her head...enough to force her eyes wide in terror and she lost balance on her bike...she crashed and cut her knee and started crying. I rushed to help her and she acted like I was an evil man. Her and her brother walked their bikes back up the hill and away. She was fine except for fright an a little blood on the knee. My driver was parked for a drop in three...I didn't even putt out..I simply picked up..and walked the 1/2 mile back to my car and went home.

Jan 14 2009, 09:11 AM
I have it, my worst shot ever was my last hole of the Peace Of Mind Open in Idaho. An easy shot from the very top of a hill; 300 feet down a long gully. Hillside on the right, river on the left. I was 2 strokes ahead on the lead card. My drive came up short. It landed about 15 feet from the hole but 30 feet above, on the hillside full of trees. I just had to drop my putt next to the basket for a 3 to win. Well I gently dropped the putt toward the basket. It glided right into a tree branch and balenced on the tree, a stroke penalty. Then from under the tree I didnt have a clear shot because of all the brush and missed my putt for a P/5. The local kid in 2nd place parked it for a duece and won the tourney. That would have been my first 1st place ever. I even had to playoff to get 2nd.

Jan 16 2009, 11:05 AM
Maybe this is a sad statement, but this thread is so much more entertaining to read than the "your best shot" thread. :D

Jan 16 2009, 11:31 AM
My worst (actually two worst) shots came at Carrol Marty in Ames, Iowa. Hole 18 is maybe 270 foot steep uphill shot. When I first started playing and didn't have the arm to throw a backhand up the hill I'd throw a tomahawk. My tee shot landed 20 or so feet short of the pin on edge and rolled all the way back down the hill. Obviously I figured lightning couldn't strike twice so I threw the exact same shot up the hill to almost the exact same spot on the crest of the hill to have that shot come rolling back towards me again. At that point I wasn't upset just in sheer disbelief. Ended up taking a 5 on what I thought was an easy 3, and often enough a 2 hole. Needless to say it made me get the line down to be able to put a backhand up the hill.

Jan 16 2009, 01:21 PM
I talked to my buddy Kyle Norrid in Texas the other day and he told me he was playing in 20 degree weather in Amarillo when he threw this shot between a couple of trees. His disc was "heading" right at a bird in one of the trees about 60 feet from his lie. Well, the bird didn't have time to move. His disc cut the bird's head clean off. Poor 12 oz. robin didn't know what hit it. Talk about a killer shot! :(

Jan 16 2009, 10:10 PM
throwing uphill on a wooded hole, I threw a hammer that arched up and forward about 75ft, squarely hit a tree, bounced back, following the exact same flight path in reverse and landed on top of the mini at my feet.

Jan 19 2009, 01:31 AM
Not really my worst shot ever, but my worst recent shot: threw a grenade into a headwind, hoping for it to finish right. Instead it followed the barrel roll by continuing to turn until it landed on top of some very icy snow and had a ton of backspin... so it rolled/slid on the snow until it came to a stop about 75 feet to the left of me and 15 feet behind me.

Jan 19 2009, 01:12 PM
I remember at the Oklahoma Open in 06 playing at the Red hawk course, a shot that turned out to be a good indicator of how my tournament would go.
On one of the longer holes (a slow dog-leg right with a large creek to the right), my drive was in the open with a small, skinny tree about 25 ft in front of me. i had a completely open field to the right and left for a longer but deciently easy approach. as matter of fact, i didnt even really notice the tree there until about half a sec went by after i threw and it smacked it dead center for about a total distance of 20 ft. probably not the worse shot of my career, but definitely one i was really embarrassed about and ill never forget.

Jan 22 2009, 02:22 AM
My all time dumbest shot was at Seneca Creek in Maryland. I was lining up a difficult potential birdie putt on the back nine which required a turnover around a cedar tree from about 40 feet and I zoomed in on a middle link and let go without taking my eye off that chain link and...nothing. No disc. I was so concentrated on the chains I had never bothered to check the flight path and the disc had stuck in a tree about 10 feet away and of course it was OB and I took a five because I was so [censored] off about being stupid and yes, I finished one shot out of the money which was my standard finish at Seneca.

My next worst shot was also at Seneca, in the final round of the Seneca Soiree. As usual I am on the cash bubble and on the final hole I am tied with another guy on the card in what figures to be the final cash spot. He parks it so I get greedy and try to do the same, except I end up OB in a cedar tree and take a four to shot out of the money.

I left that KC Gazelle up in the tree. I had no interest in ever seeing it again, and of course it was returned to me. So I threw it on hole 10 at Druid Hill and it flips right and sails deep, deep into the schule. So I leave it and of course it is returned again, and I give the disc one more chance and heave it over the fence into the Zoo area at Druid Hill, once again OB. So I figure this disc is possessed and I leave it again, but it comes back to me so I give it to an Am friend of mine who proceeds to lose it in the most God-awful places all over the state of Maryland and every time it comes back to me with the question of how the hell I had managed to throw it to wherever it was found.

Jan 24 2009, 01:08 AM
Hole 8 (reg hole 17) at the 2007 COTO Final nine! I was 1 stroke back of Joel Kelly and Alex Downs for 2nd place and stepped up to the box planning on throwing a spike hyzer out to the right which had worked for me the two times I tried it before but that is about as far as I got. When I was running up I felt my foot slip as I was planting and tried my best to hold on to the disc but I flew up in the air and the disc slipped out.

It ended up 50ft behind me only 5ft from a Volleyball court which would have been OB. My upshot from there wasn't very good and I ended up taking a 4 while everyone else got birdies. The worst part was that there was a gallery and it was pretty embarrassing but then again that course is know for pretty bad boxes.

Jan 25 2009, 03:14 PM
your kidding right? :D

Jan 25 2009, 04:00 PM
your kidding right? :D

Nope and that is partially why I don't like Pease.

Jan 25 2009, 11:26 PM
I was playing a casual round with one of my buddies and though I would go for the 425' island green surrounded by road and parking lot and a creek running to the left well off the target. I went for my drive and griplocked it. It went well over 500' straight down the middle of the creek. Instantly after my shot my buddy was like,"Man, did you see that". I said," Hell yeah I saw it. I was the one that threw it." He said," No, not your shot, some guy just backed right into that blue truck in the parking lot". Guess what? It was my truck. I only though he was messing with me, trying to get in my head, until I saw the driver get out after leaving the scene and look at his truck and then speed off. :mad:

Jan 25 2009, 11:37 PM
Sinnisippi Open last year. A temp hole, 220'-40' downhill past the practice basket, SOOPER steep green leading to a path and then the Rock River beyond. I take my CE Aviar (2-time tourney ace disc, ONLY tourney ace disc) and I frickin' pure it. Waiting for chains......nothing. Go down to look for it, nothing. In the river, nothing. I had spotted for my cardmates, but NO spotter for me! I was absolutely heartbroken.

On the bright side, one of my playing partners walks up to me after the round, (after I'd spent 45 min. looking) and hands me my disc. It was a BIG struggle not to kiss him!!!

Feb 06 2009, 10:00 PM
My worst shot had to be at the best shot doubles after the Illinois Open last year. I forget what place my partner and I were tied for, but the playoff hole played from the first tee back to the practice basket. A slight uphill 200ft shot. I am usually pretty accurate with these shots and I felt pretty confident I could get a CTP. I decided to just do a smooth standing drive with a Wizard. Lined up, reached back, pulled through, released... Or so I thought. The Wizard got caught on my fingertips and went 90 degrees right, straight into the parking lot. Pretty embarrassing having to yell heads up to people standing in the parking lot nowhere near any baskets.

This shot is in the worst category for me simply because of all the people there to witness the event. I don't mind the occasional grip lock, but this was right after a big A-tier event and there were still lots of people there. Everybody that played the best shot doubles was gathered around, there were families still out and about spectating, people talking in the parking lot (that I almost hit), etc.

Feb 17 2009, 05:40 PM
My worst shot was a combination of a bad shot and a course design flaw - at least I think it was. I'm on the first hole of a 4 round, 2 day tournament. 72 holes. I need to drive through an opening in a line of trees and avoid a football field sized temporary out of bounds (OB) that start immediately after the opening of the trees to the right of the opening. So just a straight throw. The basket is at the other end of the out of bounds. I decide I'll try to turn it over so it goes right but clears the OB. My shot clips the tree at the left edge of the opening, and because I fired it, it goes to the right about 75 yards or at the mid-point of the OB. But (design flaw) it was in bounds and I'm trapped between the line of trees/sticker bushes and the OB. And I'm throwing directly into a 25 mph headwind. No relief. I grab a midrange and crank it directly across the OB - fall literally 1 foot short and am OB. Right back to the same spot. I basically couldn't clear the OB and that was the only choice I had. Got a 17 on the 1st hole of a 72 hole tournament. Whew. Birdied the next hole and got an ace in the 3rd round. Ended up in 10th in a field of 18. Never did I cling to "There's a lot of golf to go" than I did after that hole.

Feb 17 2009, 06:28 PM
a 17?!?!? omg. now thats probaly the highest score ive heard on a hole.

Feb 17 2009, 06:37 PM

Feb 18 2009, 06:07 PM
i dont get it....

Feb 18 2009, 06:35 PM
I grab a midrange and crank it directly across the OB - fall literally 1 foot short and am OB. Right back to the same spot. I basically couldn't clear the OB and that was the only choice I had.

Sounds like he tried to clear it a few to many times.