Dec 31 2008, 04:39 PM
So, I was on wikipedia goofing off (I wanted to throw myself up on the "born on" page for March 16 so I made a page for myself, yes I am a geek) and I went to the "American disc golfers" list page and realized that the only disc golfers on wikipedia are Ken Climo and Tom Monroe. ... Well, and me now, ha! But yeah... No Barry Schultz, no David Feldberg. None of the names in the sport, none of the legends of Scott Stokely, nothing. I'm willing to go ahead and work on pages for the bigger local names I know stuff about (Geoff Bennett, Al Schack, etc.).

Does anybody else want to help get a concerted effort up to put disc golf on wikipedia? I imagine we could really get up something solid. Have pages on various big tournaments like histories for The Memorial and the BG Open, profiles for all of the big pro names past and present, pages for some of the more prominent organizations like the Southern Nationals, the Minnesota Flying Disc guys, etc. etc. etc. I think that this is something worth undertaking and I'm willing to do my part.

Anybody else willing to help?

Here's how you get started.

1. Make a search for something involved with disc golf, for example I did a search for: "Southern National Disc Golf Championships" ( Championships&go=Go)

2. Look for the link in RED TEXT that says "Create the Page"

3. Go to town! Note that for a reference on how to make a truly professional looking page you can go to virtually ANY wiki page and click "Edit this page" and look at how the pages are coded and work from there. As you create pages, post them up here so that people know what has been created and what needs to be done.

I believe it would be prudent to begin by creating list pages. For example: a list of world champions, list of organizations, etc. People can go over them and create content as they see something isn't up. Make sure to intertwine the pages by linking them together. For example: the PDGA page, or if you mention the PDGA Professional World Championships have it link to that page if it exists.

Anybody willing to help? I'm down, I've got a lot of free time for the next weeks to really get this jump started with classes not starting until the 12th.

Dec 31 2008, 04:59 PM
Here's a site using wiki: (

Dec 31 2008, 05:30 PM
Not the point. A site using wiki vs. getting all of disc golf on wikipedia are two different things. I just threw something up as an example of the sort of lists we can put up...

Jan 02 2009, 06:15 PM
I just set up another page. I'm not a foremost expert on the USDGC, so if someone could go in and fill in the blanks and make sure to help fill out the details on what makes the event so special, that would be awesome. Maybe a list of US Distance Champions as well?

Jan 28 2009, 12:33 AM
So my photos got pulled because I don't get how to use the stupid stuff about rights. But the other stuff is sticking! It hasn't been pulled, there is a place for disc golf on Wikipedia. Does anybody have a list of the information for Worlds, same information I posted for USDGC plus the location of the Worlds events?

This would be GREATLY appreciated! I would love to get a Worlds page up. I'm surprised with all the people that spend tons of time here posting, people that love posting in the Players thread with stories about the good ol' days, nobody is interested in getting it up there officially. Done up right a Mitch Mac page WOULD stick ;)