Dec 28 2008, 04:35 AM
The Event - THE BIG FREEZE Sponsored by WIDYE
aka The Big Chill

You and your partner are invited to come on down and attend the 21st Anniversary of the biggest baddest most brutal disc golf event on the planet!!
January 24 & 25, 2009 Milwaukee, WI will be host of Super Bowl of winter golf.
The tournament will not be postponed for any reason. Wimps, whiners, crybabies or complainers stay home!

The format is 24 holes of doubles with round 1 best shot and round 2 alternate shot

Players check: 7-8 am at the Orchard Inn
Player's meeting both days 8:00 am sharp
Maximum field each day 48 teams
Lunch available both days at the Orchard
Play on the new Dretzka Winter course

Pre- registration for this event is absolutely mandatory!

Divisions & Rollback the Clock Entry Fees

* Masters Age - You may play in the Masters Division as long as you turn 40 anytime during 2009.

You do not have to be 40 on the day of the event!!

* Grand Masters Age - Both players must have a combined age of at least 100

[ex: if you are 90 your partner can be 10]

* Women - There is only one Women's division and you will be playing on Sunday. All winners will be paid in merchandise.
Mixed teams are welcome. [that's men / women - duh]. Mixed teams may play in any division of your choice

Online registration:
Widye Online Registration (http://www.widye.com/customdyes/products.php?cat=22)
Uncle Joe's Online Registration (http://unclejoes.org/store/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=21)

January 24th 2009 Saturday Field Team Entry
Pro Open $105
Pro Masters $85
Pro Grand Masters $85

January 25th 2009 Sunday Field Team Entry
Advanced $65
Advanced Masters $65
Women $65
Amateur $65
Mixed $65

If you like to save $5 you can fill out the Mail-In Registration Form (http://unclejoes.org/bcentry.html) and mail it in.

You the players can help the tournament by digging up some sponsorship cash or merchandise.
If you want some more cash & prizes added to your purses help us get some!
Donations to the raffle are always welcome. Where do you think this stuff comes from?

Thank you!! We hope to see you there!!

Uncle Joe: 262.644.2234
Tom Holsten: 262.681.9780
Josh Hamm: 262.388.2999