Dec 19 2008, 05:12 PM
CFR's and Discs of interest...

$20.00 Shipped...

CFR Champion Gator-X's
CFR Star Whippet-X's
CFR Champion Tee-Rex-X's
CFR Champion Gazelles
CFR Champion XCaliburs
CFR Champion Destroyers
Z Tourney Stamped Buzzz's

$17.00 Shipped

Star Eagle-X's - Club Stamped
Star TeeRex-X's - Club Stamped

$15.00 Shipped

Champion RoadRunners - Club Stamped
Star Valks - Club Stamped
Star Leopards - Club Stamped
Champion Teebird-L's - Club Stamped

$13.00 Shipped

12x KC Rocs and 12x KC Aviars and 5x JK Aviars

$12.00 Shipped

SDGC Club Stamped Rancho DX Rocs
SDGC Club Stamped Wizards
SDGC Club Stamped DX Sidewinders - Glide to spare - WOW!!!

SDGC OFFER - Custom Stamped ESP Discraft FORCES

1 for $14.00 shipped or 2 for $25.00 shipped - they are all ORANGE -

PM with your weight preference and we can make arrangements for payment...

FLASHES also available... at 2 for $25.00

Mix or Match - Take one of each (FORCES AND FLASHES) for the same low price of $25.00 shipped.


These are the CFRs that were all the rage... for $20.00 shipped...

Club is Working on a deal and needs some PayPal cash flow... so here is the deal.

$1.00 of the second disc, $2.00 off the third disc and willing to do $3.00 of the fourth disc... from the prices above.

Any two ESP Forces or ESP Flashes now $24.00 - save another dollar.

PM if interested...