Nov 02 2008, 10:25 AM
Mark Ellis here. Some of you have seen the Discraft Pro Clinics on and elsewhere. Because I have been involved in hosting some of the clinics, I am often contacted with questions about when the next clinic may happen or whether I would be willing to work with a golfer on a particular skill.

I was recently contacted by a new disc golfer who wanted me to look at his game and make suggestions. We talked about it and he didn't mind the idea of having other new golfers join in with a clinic and filming it so others not present might benefit. I spoke with Discraft's marketing and publishing guru, Brian Sullivan, and he is on board. So the next clinic is set for Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 9:30 am at Kensington Metro Park Disc Golf course in Milford, Michigan.

Each clinic takes on a particular topic. This one is basic skills, intended for someone either new to the game or someone whose self-taught attempts are not working. Ideally, we would like 10 or so participants who are open to having their Grips and throwing forms evaluated and perhaps improved upon. I would prefer to have diversity in our participants so women or juniors or senior citizens or first time players would be ideal. Many disc golfers at this website are accomplished players well beyond the scope of this topic. But if you know of someone who might benefit from basic instruction please let them know.

There is no charge for participating in the clinic. A participant needs to allow us to film it and perhaps publish it. Anyone interested should contact me and request admission. I can be reached through this website or at (248) 505-3568.

The clinic may last a couple hours or extend into other dates depending on the needs of the players or the needs of publishing a video. For anyone whose schedule does not allow them to join us next week but would like to meet with me or another Discraft Pro (perhaps from your geographical area) for an informal lesson, please contact me or Brian Sullivan.

Nov 02 2008, 07:25 PM
Very interested in a spot in this for my friend Alex.
Realistically he's around the 890s level right now, been working with him a lot and he's improving fast. I'll be going up with him, if you guys need any help setting up equipment, cleaning up after, whatever.

Might also be interested in a spot for my friend Nick, but he's not sure if he can get off work. He's about an 850-70 tourney golfer right now.