Oct 02 2008, 11:39 PM
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know with some sleepless nights and hard work we finally have launched of our new site www.widye.com (http://www.widye.com) with all the new bells and whistles!!
Along with that we also launched our safe & secure online shopping store www.widye.com/customdyes (http://www.widye.com/customdyes) for your disc golf gear!!

We provide fast service that allows us to ship your orders within 1 business day!!

We will be adding items to the store day by day so check it out!!

The first 20 customer orders will receive some extra Widye goodies FREE with there order!!!

..ie....goodies could be mini's, stickers, or towel's!!!

Thanks again to all that have helped throughout this year.

I'm proud to have helped support events in your club's area..

Take Care,

Josh Hamm
Widye LLC
www.widye.com (http://www.widye.com)
[email protected]