Aug 18 2008, 03:47 PM
hey!!! for any of you columbus guys looking for a 1 day event to compete in please check out this event at carter park in bg, ohio(approx. 1 1/2 hrs from columbus). just go to ( or call me, mark kruse at 4195094028 with any questions or to pre-reg. we'll have lots of sponsored items for the side games and i should have most everyone cashed out by 5:30ish! i hope to see many of you there!

Aug 21 2008, 04:55 PM

OK, LISTEN UP LADIES. I am trying to help here. I am beginning to wonder if the ladies of disc golf really want to promote this sport or just gripe about the low numbers of women players. I have issued a challenge on other threads to help those who want to help themselves. RESULTS, the board went quiet. My wife and I are trying to build a disc golf resort near tulsa, oklahoma. We are not disc golfers but we love the sport and the disc golf community as a whole. We are absolutely putting our money where our mouth is. We have had the honor of having our course played by some very good women players, including Courtney Peavey and Valerie Jenkins. As newcomers to the sport, I do my research by surfing other clubs discussion boards and try to ascertain needs of the sport where we might be able to fill a niche. To that end, we are willing to host an all women's tournament with some substantial added money (depending on the number of entries). All I hear from women is their concern about the lack of competition or female competitors. It is obvious to me that we need to raise the bar for women in this sport. If there is genuine concern for this sport by enough ladies, then we are here to help you, ladies, raise the bar. If it is just a venue for negative comments then, count us out. Any ladies want to do something positive and good for ladies disc golf. The ball is now in your court. Jim Taylor, owner, The Lodge in Pawhuska, Ok. 918-724-3121.