Aug 12 2008, 11:20 AM
“Challenge at The Lodge”
~A Team Event~

Where: The Lodge at Pawhuska
When: Saturday November 8th
Entry: $200 per team (18 team Limit)
Time: 9:00 am rules meeting
9:30 Tee Blue Course
2nd Round 1- 1:30 White Course

$1,000 + Added Cash!!!

Pay out: 100% of entries
Format: This event will be flighted into “A” flight and “B” flight after the first round. 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each flight will be paid.

Team Formation 4 players required – 3700 Total Ratings Cap
· Teams will be comprised of 4 players with a total ratings cap of 3700 per team.
· There are no divisional requirements. Example: Player 1- 940 rated, player 2-950 rated, player 3-900 rated, player 4-910 rated. The total of these players is 3700.
· No team will be allowed a player roster with a team total above 3700.
· Each team will have one team captain. The team captain will need to submit the team roster complete with a phone number where he/she can be reached, to the TD. The TD will review each team for accuracy and will notify the captain if there is a problem with any team roster. All teams must be submitted by Friday October 31st. Team rosters may be submitted to [email protected] or mailed to David Wise, 8555 N 117th E Ave, Suite 103, Owasso Ok 74055. Entries can also be mailed to the above address.

Team Scoring: Each team member’s total strokes will be added together to determine the team total.

Now is the time to get your teams together! This will be an event you don’t want to miss.
There are only 18 team spots available; don’t get left out to ride the tractor. Build a Team!
It is design to offer all levels of players a chance to compete against each other in a team environment. Pick a good team name and get on the PDGA ratings page and start recruiting!

Questions? Dave Wise 918-232-8562 or toll free at 888-781-1160

This will be posted on the TDSA web page along with a team sign up sheet. As teams register, I will post them here and on the TDSA page.

Aug 27 2008, 11:37 AM
We are working on the course getting ready for next weekend.
As Joe has mentioned we will be playing the Island Course (18) and Moccassin Creek (9) for a total of 27 holes each day.
We are mowing, working on tee pads and building a couple of new bridges. The course(s) should be ready for play by Saturday. If anyone wants to come up this weekend and get in some practice rounds you are more than welcome. Moccassin Creek is going to be changed quite a bit from the last tournament. We, (Andrew and Penny) have tweaked the course to make it play very smoothly for 9 holes but, more difficult and technical. Camping is free, golf is free so, if you would like to play The Lodge this weekend, just come on up.


Oct 03 2008, 11:18 AM
Team Update list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 teams in , 6 spots left and I know of 4 more teams working, so if you don't have yours in or together yet GIT-R-DONE

Team OKC
Don Cook 943
Doug maxfiled 938
Jason Schwake 924
Steve Smith 895

Team Commod Bod
Jake Regier 927
Mike Conners 935
Rodney Carpenter 914
James Patton 922

Team OCD
James Diel 928
David Frazier 928
Richard Mitchell 950
Mike Click 893

Team Lodge Jam
Jose` Mendoza 975
BVA 919
Byan Hinds 903
Jeremy Geiger 901

Team High Rollers
Kyle Wilkes 984
Andrew Treat 950
David Wise 949
George Skinner 815

Team Struggle
Chris Wagle 967
Dave Nicholson 946
Devan Owens 988
Jeremy Taylor 797

Team Woollaroc
Dale Patterson 941
Chris Stine 912
Dave Zucconi 935
Martin Norris 832

Team 3 Hacks and a Lady
Cris Hicks 956
Dave Pennekamp 953
Ben Powell 962
Melissa Townsend 823

Is there a Dr. In the house
Josh Crowl 968
Paul Dorries 937
Travis Koehring 898
Dr. Jim Geurin 892

Team Crack-a-lack
Sam Neilsen 984
Kyle Razmus 937
Ken Ward 922
Matt razmus 883

Team Lodge Lizards
Daryl Johnson 968
Matt Steward 966
Billy Juby 907
Wayne Forest 854

Team Lack Luster
Jerry Stacy 934
John Belty 930
Michael Barr 925
Dave Townsend 900