Jul 22 2008, 09:58 AM
You now can enter Glass Nickel Pizza 16th Mad City Open (http://www.madcitydisc.org/madcityopen) at the GLIDE store in person.

Pass the word.

And get on it!!

Junior, Recreational, and Intermediate play Hiestand and Vallarta Ast shot gun start on Saturday followed by Awards and pizza, beverage, band party.

Advanced play Varllarta Ast then Elver shot gun start on Saturday followed by the band, beverage, pizza party. Sunday starts with shot gun at Hiestand, with top four Adv men playing a bonus tee time slot at Vallarta Ast Sunday, followed by awards.

Pro's start at Elver then Hiestand shot gun start, followed by pizza, band, beverage party on Saturday. Sunday will be rolling tee times at Vallarta Ast with high scores starting first.

ALL PLAYERS must attend the players meeting at Token Creek Shelter 3 starting at 9:27 sharp.
REGISTRATION / CHECK IN closes at 9:03 sharp.
Save the registration hassle and late fees by entering now!!!!! (http://www.madcitydisc.org/madcityopen/registration.html)