Jul 21 2008, 11:24 PM
Who couldn't use another course?? Don't miss out on a chance to win your own private course OR a course for your town. How cool would it be to call up your Parks Department and say - "Hey, I've got 18 baskets I want to donate".... or those of you currently working with your City or Parks Department on getting a course, call up your contact and tell them how they could potentially save a very large chunk of change and get all 18 baskets for only $24.95!

The clock is ticking, Worlds is getting closer, and the Sparkle Rogue sales have been crazy lately. <font color="blue"> There are only a few hundred left! </font>

Remember - you do not need to be present to win. Even if you are unable to attend the 2008 Worlds Tournament in Michigan, you and/or your club can still purchase the Sparkle Rogues on-line at and be entered into the drawing.

We will be taking any remaining Sparkle Rogues with us to the tournament (along with the rest of the Worlds merch) so make sure to order before we hit the road on August 6th. Once we are on the road, the Rogues will not be available on-line - they will only be available at the tournament. I will post the actual cut off date as it gets closer, however right now it looks like it will be August 5th - which only gives you TWO WEEKS.

The drawing will be held at the DGA Players Party at Bells Brewery on Tuesday the 12th. The winner will be contacted shortly after the drawing.

To those of you going to Worlds - see you in a few weeks. And to those of you unable to go - GOOD LUCK with the drawing!