Apr 18 2008, 06:50 PM
No this isn't another disc golf magazine.
We just have a ton of news to share with you,
after all the disc golf season began, today.

Read on about:
Hiestand, Elver, Spring Membership Drive, and Leagues in Madison.

1. Hiestand - Earth Day, Saturday, April 19th, 9am to Noon.
(Forum threads:

Come and celebrate Earth Day by helping clean-up Hiestand Park.
We'll be focusing on the Adopt-[censored] trash cans, emptying any
that need to be emptied. We'll also make sure each can has a liner.
Then, general clean-up of trash off the course. Also, we'll inventory all of
the occurrences of graffiti so we can put together a plan to deal with it.

Rain or Shine we'll be there so come and GO GREEN!

We'll be launching Adopt-[censored] 2008, on this day.
So sign-up for a hole and Keep Hiestand Clean.
Nic Lelm is your Hiestand 2008 Adopt-[censored] Coordinator.

2. Elver Park - Work Day, Sunday, April 27th, 10am to Noon.
(Details here:

Winter was not kind to Elver. A number of trees were damaged
by the amount of ice. And, there are branches down all over the course.

The focus of the work day will be to remove the branches off of the fairways.
Also, it will be good to do a clean sweep of trash off the course.

3. Spring Membership Drive, 2008 - GO GREEN!

Even though we haven't yet received our disc order,
or the brand new Bag Tags, we are starting our Spring Membership Drive.

According to Nic "Shoeless Trashman" Lelm, an urban hippie, the three
R's of Going Green are: Recycle , Reuse, Reduce. And, we are adding
a fourth "R": RENEW. If you have been an MADC Member in the past,
but haven't RENEWED your membership, this is the year to do it.

You can see our Custom Club-stamp here(Option 1 is it):

And, the very sweet looking 2008 Bag Tag here:
(Be sure to rotate your monitor 90 degrees)

This is going to be a very exciting and active year for disc golf,
in Madison (and beyond).

Rumor has it there will be four different leagues, in Madison:

1. Tuesday night handicapped league.
-Mike Batka will be running this league from glide disc golf

2. Wednesday night league @ Token Creek.
-Chad "Big Hyzer" Inman has all the details for this league.

3. Thursday night league @ Elver Park
-Dave "Ambidextrous" Pearson will be coordinating this league.
-He has described it as singles in the barber-pole format.

4. Saturday morning League @ Token Creek
-Starts @ 10am sharp.
-Random Draw Doubles Best Disc
-Cost is $5 (optional $1 for the Ace Pool)

Your Madison Area Disc Club Board.

PS - If you haven't seen or heard, Hiestand has all of its baskets.
(As we said, disc golf began today.)

PPS - Mark your calendars for October 26, 2008 - Packers bye week and
the likely date for the MADC Fall Picnic