Apr 15 2008, 10:08 AM
my bag got lifted last night. it was in my car and I guess I left the back door unlocked. here's everything

rust carolina revo with gold quads

174g pink ESP flash
2x 175g Special blend Orcs with scissor tail stamp 1 red 1 blue
169g red Special blend orc stamp removed
2x 175g 10x Teebirds 1 red taffy 1 white kc plastic
171g 1st run CE TL
5x KC Rocs 1 10x 175g, 3 11x, 1 12x orange
2x wizard, 1 black proto 1 sss purple
10x aviar
cam todd challenger

all have my info. dave poe, 17356, 405-818-3937, and dgdave on them. any help would be great

Apr 15 2008, 06:22 PM

I got my stuff returned!!! I live near some apartments and some kids found it in the complex. cool thing is that I just showed these kids my basket and discs the other day when I was practice putting in the front yard. they saw the bag and came to my door with it. only scary thing is that my pocket knife is missing. they all got some plastic and were very happy.

Apr 17 2008, 10:24 AM
awesome news so there are still some kids with MORALS out there...