Apr 07 2008, 12:59 PM
5-10 Saturday, this will be a low maintenance event, with minimal entries:

Registration will be at Water Works from 8-9:15
1st round will be ~10 (you know me!)

Depending on entries will depend on 1st round. if more than 90 players, all Pro Divisions will venture to Cliff Drive, all amateur divisions will stay at Water Works.

Entries will be as follows: (Ace fund will be optional $3 at day of event)

Entry Fees:

Open - $50
All other Pro divisions - $40
Advanced divisions - $30
Intermediate - $20
Recreational - $20
Novice - $20

(If you're not a current PDGA member, add the $10 single event fee to your registration. If you plan on registering for the PDGA, or renewing, please arrive early!!)

I am not sure if we will have the tee-pads in at Cliff Drive by then, but will let you know as we move forward. Online registration is encouraged and will be set up through the PDGA.com, upon getting the information set up, will post here.

Come on and play some great courses in KC, during the great spring time of the year!!



(Obviously contact me with any questions.)

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Jack Lowe
Vice President-KCFDC
Tournament Director 2009 Pro Worlds
"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
cheaper, and healthier!"