Mar 09 2008, 01:51 PM
It is that time!!!! We are just about 30 days away from a fun tournament with many added extras. Last year we had lots of added cash and prizes. Just ask any of the 95 players that were there!!!

2008 we are adding at least $1,500 cash to the Pro Division and over $1,000 in merchandise to the Am Divisions. Where else can you play with so much added for so little????? The Entry for every player regardless of Division is just $25.00. That's right $25 entry for everyone!! Every player gets a tournament stamped disc, is entered in the CTP's and Ace Pot. Don't be confused by the Divisions being by rating, it is no different than divisions by name. The only difference is we will not have age or gender separation, everyone will play by ability. The Divisions are as follows:

Above 970 (Pro) = $25 entry $1,500 in cash Added
935 - 969 (Adv) = $25 entry $500 in merchandise Added
900 - 934 (Int) = $25 entry $250 in merchandise Added
850 - 899 (Rec) = $25 entry $150 in merchandise Added
Below 850 (Nov) = $25 entry $100 in merchandise Added

Everyone is invited to play in any Division that is above your current PDGA rating. Every player also has the option to pay an additional fee as a side bet that stays in your respective division. Side bets will be paid in cash and side bets are not recognized by the PDGA as accepting a cash prize for playing while an Amateur!

You will find a registration and you can sign-up online by clicking HERE (http://www.txokdg.com).