Oct 18 2007, 01:08 PM
The countdown has begun for the MADC 2007 Fall Picnic,
at Elver Park, on Sunday, October 21st. Registration begins @ 8:30am

3 Days to go
2 Bands playing
1 Chance to vote

I've only been to two Fall Picnics,
but I think this one is going to set the bar
for all future picnics. There will be plenty of food:
Einstein Brothers is providing Bagels in the morning,
Ian's Pizza ( is providing pizza for lunch,
and Noodles & Company is providing dinner.

Showing up is a no brainer.

Just to clarify costs:
1. The Bag Tag Round is free to all MADC Members.
Not a member? The Fall Picnic is a great time to JOIN.

2. The Doubles Round will cost $4, optional Ace Pool is $2
(If there is no Ace during the round, the money goes to the basket fund*.)

3. The Glow Round will be free, optional Ace Pool is $2
(If there is no Ace during the round, the money goes to the basket fund*.)

4. One raffle will be held for MADC Members and Volunteers
the number of "tickets" or "entries" will be based on how much you
did to promote disc sports in Madison and beyond.

5. Another raffle will be held where you can purchase tickets.
The tickets will cost $3 each, or 2 for $5, or 5 for $10. (You do the math)

*What is a basket fund you ask?
*The 2007-2008 Theme will be Expansion, as in more courses,
and it is hard to have courses without baskets.

This event is so big that it now has its very own Category on the MADC

On the forum, you can read all of the details about breakfast, lunch and
Plus find out who has donated the 43 Prizes worth more than $660.
Krazy Kipp Keeps Corralling more sponsors. We can't stop him!

And, finally, here are the candidates for the MADC 2007-2008 Board.
President: Kipp Van Orsdel
Vice-President: Nic Lelm
Secretary: Mike Farnham
At-Large 1: Garrett Lee
At-Large 2: Dan Madden
At-Large 3: Jay Smith

Your 2006-2007 MADC Board.
President: Todd Ebens
Vice-President: Dan Madden
Treasurer: Jamie Royea
Secretary: Mike Farnham
At-Large 1: Nic Lelm
At-Large 2: Jay Smith
At-Large 3: Kipp Van Orsdel