Sep 30 2007, 08:42 PM
In an effort to bolster the attendance at the finale this year, next Saturday 10/6, we will hold those spots for the qualifiers until the end of the day Tuesday 10/2. After that, we will open up the field to those players that have played in at least 1 tour stop this year. This years stop is at a quality, private course near Menomonie WI called Axldog Acres. Please check our website for details on the event or a link to the course. Please spread the word around to all players on this change.

Oct 01 2007, 01:24 PM
HEy Tom, What time and what day will registration open for all who played at least one event?

Oct 01 2007, 01:58 PM
Wednesday morning, 10/3 we will open up to all who have played in at least 1 event. You can register on line at or call me to hold your spot along with a check. We will also be taking registration Saturday morning before the event.

Oct 01 2007, 05:06 PM
Thank tom

Oct 05 2007, 04:47 PM
HEy Tom, WHere can i find directions to the tournament location?

Oct 08 2007, 04:46 PM
I would like to thank AXLDOG acres, Menominie tourism for hosting the WI tour finale this year and i would also like to thank the Wi tour volunteers, tds, and players who all contribute to make a series work..
I had a fun time and enjoyed the course and the scenary, Steve you and your wife have a great piece of property and i thank you for letting us play there and going out of your way to obtain the sponsorship and i heard the lunch was good!
I also want to say that the payout was good because of added sponsorship money and those CE aviars are sweet, only if i would have won, Congrats to all the winners, Joe great second round!! Move up, just kidding.
Suggestions for next year, have the tour final somewhere closer to where the majority of tour players are from. I personally didn't mind the drive at all especially with the fall colors but i could see why not many east side residents played. I do like the idea of it moving around the state each year.
Second make all decisions about the tour and how its run before the tour starts and stick to them. I think its unfair to all when things change during the season.
I liked the idea of holding places for the top finishers until about a week before the event, then opening it up to whoever has played a WI tour event. This should have been a decision made at the begining of the year. I can tell you I would not have made the drive if i thought there was a chance i could not play. Thats why i liked the idea.
Third idea, is hold more fund raising events at tour stops and have a WI Tour table with a WDSA rep to answer questions, explain the tour and talk to media if present. I would think between all of the WDSA board members who play the WI tour events you could find one to do some sort of fundraiser or staff a table, I always used to like the CTP throw offs that were held. I think if more funds could be raised in different ways (not taxing the player more through entry fees) the overall tour final would have a bigger draw.
I have lots of other ideas but i will leave those until some other time. Overall a i had a good time at a very fun disc golf course and i got to stare at a nice pile of plastic on the way home, trying to decide which disc i would throw first! I think it will be the Star Destroyer!!