Aug 09 2007, 08:50 AM

Spent some time at the LoDgE this weekend and things are coming together quite nicely for the Twisted Flyer Open....Jim has big plans for the TFO....LIVE music for Friday and Saturday night. Sweet CAMPING areas with showers and toliets for everyone....There will be a cart girl(s) bringing refreshments. PLUS plenty more good times.

The mud has all dried up and the grass is growing great in some spots but fair in other spots. I'm not sure we will have the tee pads done by the event, but it's good hard earth that we will be teeing off of.

Here are some pics of the Island...The grass is all grown in and the bridge is almost complete as you can see in the that the tees are flat the hole played SO MUCH easier today then when a couple of us played it in the mud.

The NEW bridge to get to the island
View from the Island
View from the BLUE tee
The Drop Zone will be from the red tee if you miss.

As Kev has said this event is looking most saucey. Twisted Flyer events have a reputation for tons of fun and GREAT PLAYERS PACKS! Throw in Jim and Deb's hard work and beautiful property, a live band and BAM we have just Twisted it up a notch! Who's in?

Aug 09 2007, 03:18 PM
This is an offical bump back at ya, Forest. :o

Aug 09 2007, 10:43 PM

Aug 14 2007, 06:11 PM
As if we all did not know Keldog was an awesome individual... He is once again proving it. Kelly "KelDog" Watson has DONATED... I repeat... DONATED a CTP prize of a COLLECTORS 2007 USDGC ROC for the Island hole... ALL 4 ROUNDS!!! :D :D:D

Furthermore Daryl Johnson has added $100.00 to Pro Cash!!! This thing was already going to be off the chain... this news just made it even better!