Jul 24 2007, 01:50 PM
LITTLE BIG SHOW ( (for some reason i couldn't put the flyer directly on the page?)

this is not a sanctioned event, but we're trying to get another course put in here in southwest missouri and right now this is our best chance. many of the local disc golfers are getting together with city approval to see what kind of turn out a real tournament can bring to the city of Neosho, MO in an attempt to get the course put in permanently. that means every hole is temporary and we'll be using portables to set up the entire course. the city is very interested and they have the space and money to help us out, they just want to see some support! the course has been set up before and it's a very fun round of disc golf. if this event does well, not only is there a good chance that the course will be put it permanently, but theres also a good chance that this tournament will become an annual event and probably a sanctioned event in the future. so there's another sanctioned event for the area in years to come! I know there aren't a lot of sanctioned events in the area this weekend, so please come out to southwest missouri for a good cause! it's disc golf and it's fun! come on! :cool:

by the way, if the directions on the flyer look confusing, it's because they are. neosho is pretty tough to navigate. yes, you can just stay on the highways until you get to your turn, but they have a lot of turns and it's just a pain. i can probably give you a quicker and more direct route if i know where you're coming from. if you need directions let me know and i'll help you out.