May 22 2007, 03:41 PM
Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE) ( is pleased to announce the release of "Getting the EDGE: An Instructional Video for Disc Golf." Featuring Ken Climo, Dave Dunipace, Des Reading, Jay Reading, and several other top disc golfers, this video will take you through the basic skills needed to have a well rounded game. From an introduction to the sport, through backhand and forehand throws and putting, to playing by the rules, "Getting the EDGE" was primarily produced to supplement the EDGE curriculum, but has information that just about every player will find useful.

-- Experience 12 time World Champion Ken Climo throwing a backhand in 20x slow motion with graphics detailing the parts of the throw.
-- See Dave Dunipace execute a perfect forehand throw from a bird's-eye view.
-- Watch Des and Jay detail the different stances and putting styles that have put them at the top of the game.
-- Follow a group of players as they play from tee to holing out, encountering the basic rules issues that commonly come up and seeing how to deal with them.

This is the perfect video to show to new players that you are introducing to the sport. Shot at the 2006 USDGC, it follows widely used teaching principles to explain, illustrate and review each point. With material for both visual and aural learners, there is something here for everyone. Even highly experienced players can pick up on the nuances of great technique by watching "Getting the EDGE." Each chapter can be used as a stand-alone lesson, or the entire presentation can be viewed in its entirety. Bonus materials include slow motion review clips of each of the throws, as well as a music video that can be used on Channel One or other in-school or cable access broadcasts.

Pre-release reviews by educators, media personnel and top disc golfers have been nothing but positive about the material and the teaching approach.

Priced at $19.99, proceeds from the sale "Getting the EDGE" will be used to support the EDGE program ( as it moves towards a presence in all 50 states (and in Canada, the UK, Australia, and Europe).

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Thanks to everyone for supporting EDGE!

Jon Lyksett
Executive Director