Apr 06 2007, 04:18 PM
championship course par 72
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River Oaks golf course in calumet city will have its grand opening April 22 sunday at noon.The course will be a premier fly 18 not to miss.With water on 14 of 18 holes, it winds through the little calumut river with 58 bunkers along the way.This course has lots of elevation and huge trees.This course will come in over 13,000 ft pro layout dual tees on every hole. This will be my 17th on golf courses 3 more this year.Many thanks To Brian Cummings who suggested this course only miles from his house.This course is near the freeway and close to mokena and lemon lakes disc golf courses.This is my 3rd course with Billy Casper golf mgt.Thanks to all that have made Edgebrook in Chicago a success.Pricing will be the same as edgebrook.This course has carts and restaraunt with BEER....... I am sad to say that White Mt in tinley, and 29 palms ca, will be pulled this month and equiptment moving to River Oaks, for the new course.Both are 9 holes.Fly 18 is changing the place we play, for real sponsership ,and a professional venue ,for families ,and women to play.Chicag has had a rough winter it will be time to play soon.I will be in town on April 16th monday the course will be open on sunday the 22nd.I am tring to get a keg of beer donated and some free play vouchers for ctps.Any golfers that want to part of the building please contact me at 714-235-0100 Reese.The course will have flypads on every hole.This course will be a signature fly style.I look forward to meeting all the players at this new championship monster.Got Game bring it!!!!!! ;)

Apr 20 2007, 09:39 AM
River Oaks comes in at 13,014 ft pro layout.Dual tees on all holes this is a giant course and lots of fun.Come on down at 12:00 for the opening we have carts and beer ;)

Apr 20 2007, 11:15 AM
Reese, are these directions accurate?

Hwy. 94 South from Chicago.
East on Route 6 (159th Street).
South on Park Avenue to course.

Also, any chance to play the course earlier (8am) on Sunday?

Apr 21 2007, 11:33 AM
If you call me You might be able to squeek out 9 holes.With this weeks weather they are coming out of the wood work golfers.We are only able to tee at 12:00 I had to book teetimes to make sure all get to play.The course will not offically open till thursday with proshop stocked and new scorecards edgebrook will also get new ones.We finished last night it was a long 420 calie style :cool:A few slight changes were made yesterday to make it AWSOME.We will only be able to have 30 players for the first day.A big thanks to Phillip Sanders here in calumut that helped every day to make this Giant.Brian Cummings for the best lodging with the crazy dogs matt and darla they will eat anything left out anything.....Not one disc has been thrown on this course I cannot wait to throw this beauty.This course will be on my tour stop next year.12;00 till 1;30 tee times cold beers and carts the weather will match the par 72 72 72!!!!!!!!

Apr 24 2007, 11:07 PM
I heard everyone in attendance was able to witness Neal "Cannon Boy" Swanson's big arm attempt an 8 story building shot :eek:.

May 15 2007, 08:20 PM
It was sooo close. I think he was 2 stories short.

Oct 31 2007, 04:33 PM
The end of 2 great courses are comming to an end soon.Both edgebrook and river oaks will be removed by me on monday the 5th.Both courses will not be open for play in 2008 or forever.River oaks is in my top 3 courses I have designed and very few players have played it.Edgebrook has always been fun and challenging and was the only basket in the chicago city limits.Due to management and contract disputes this will also be gone.I am working on a few other courses in north cook county to replace edgebrook this year.The new course will not open till next year early spring.I fly out on this friday to do the dirty work.Pulling a course is never fun ...I do want to thank all the players for supporting these courses.I did all I could do to save edgebrook but all attempts failed..This was the last thing I wanted to do.I will not be working with billy casper management ever again.I have 4 or 5 options to keep a course in chicago plenty outside the city.I will be there till the 7th of nov.I have 2 more courses going in this year.In other states .I am open for suggestions on the new locations.Thanks always my phone is always on Reese

Nov 06 2007, 09:19 AM
Both courses have been removed yesterday.Not a fun day removing :(I will be going to some courses today and tommorow I will let all know what new course we have secured.

Nov 07 2007, 12:05 AM
lets see whats driving distance from here

hmmm valpo, in and cedar lake, in
oh yeah mokena and anything else off the I -80 corridor

Illinois and Indiana disc golfers are the cheapest disc golfers in the world !!!!!

not a real good market for pay to play disc golf