Dec 29 2006, 11:22 PM
The Willamette Disc Golf Club was formed in 1999 in Corvallis Oregon. The WDGC promotes Disc Golf in the Mid-Willamette Valley. We have cooperated with the Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department to establish the 18 hole Willamette Disc Golf Course in the City of Corvallis, Oregon. We have also coooperated with the Benton County Natural Areas and Parks Department to establish the 18 hole Adair Disc Golf Course in Adair County Park in the City of Adair Village, Oregon.

We have club meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm during winter and 7:00 pm in summer. These meetings take place at Woodstock's Pizza backroom in Corvallis, Oregon.

Our website is http://wdgc.dynu.com/

Our dues are currently $10 per year, individual or family.
We sell discs at the club meetings, host weekly doubles (see website for details), and host the Willamette Open tournament in Early October (at both courses) and the Festivus tournament in mid January at Adair. We work to maintain and improve our two home courses, and support efforts to grow and promote the sport in our area.

The WDGC supports the Oregon Series and the PDGA National Tour.

We have produced several World Champions including
Nate Sexton: Juniors U-19 AM WC 2003
Toni Hoyman: Women's AM GM WC 2004, 2005
John Ross: Men's AM SGM WC 2004,2005
Brianna Anderson-Gregg Juniors U-19 AM WC 2005

<font color="blue">Please Enjoy our Courses, Play Safe, and Leave them Cleaner than You Find Them! </font>

For more information please call Jay at 541-929-5452 or email [email protected]

Dec 29 2006, 11:34 PM
One More World Champion from the WDGC
Teresa Bellinger (with partner David Feldberg) Pro Mixed Doubles WC 2004

Sorry Teresa,

Dec 31 2006, 12:53 AM
Jay... You know if anyone's gonna be moving that giant hunk of tree behind 12? Or is it just part of the course now?

Secondly... There are 3 placements for the last hole... Any way we could get a summertime (because of winter flooding), downhill, blind placement for 14? How much does it cost to put those supports in?

Just curious.


Dec 31 2006, 02:23 AM
I heard from Steve McGettigan, of Corvallis Parks that they had cleared the tree on #12 on earlier in the week but I haven't seen it. They will be working in Willamette next Saturday. They have been leaving the main logs of down trees on the course though.
There is a second placement down by the stream on #14 but Parks usually only lets us play it during summer tourneys. Under water now. Sensitive vegetation area, they say.
Home made the sockets are $15, purchased they are $35. But the parks are limiting of new positions, but they want to talk "big picture" some time in the next couple of months.


Apr 04 2009, 05:41 PM
Updated Willamette Disc Golf Club Facts:
The new and improved website is www.kaser.com/wdgc (http://www.kaser.com/wdgc)
The new meeting time is Monday at 7:00pm daylight savings time/ 6:00pm standard time at Woodstocks Pizza backroom.