Dec 17 2006, 11:37 PM
I'm looking to start a league to get less serious players into more serious disc golf. Theres already a serious league, but the casual players dont get along well with us, they just don't like players toting around bags.

So along with the store I work at (which sells disc golf related items, and sponsors alot of tournements) I'm looking to start a league for the casual players, so the two groups can merge. I intend on doing casual doubles once a week, on the easy course, so its simple and fun. With prizes being awarded by the store.

I would like advice on how to get this going, and how to get the casual players excited about disc golf. Theres another problem, I'll only be 16 the summer I intend on doing this, so any tips to help with the age differances there will be. Thanks alot.

Dec 20 2006, 02:28 PM
For starters, listen to those whom have more experience than you do. Be receptive to critisism. Be receptive to assistance from others. You will not be successful on your own, you will need help. Cater to the minority in disc golf ie. the ladies and juniors. Try to provide something that other clubs do not .

Bag tag's are a great way to get the competative juices flowing , and generate revenue for the club.

THIS IS SOOO IMPORTANT .- Assuming you are able to generate money for the club/league , keep the checks and balances available to all members. Do not leave room for speculation , especially when it comes to club money.

Associate the club/ league with a charity. Give back to the community. It feels good and makes the group look good.
Sponsors are more likely to donate when there is a benevolent agenda behind their donations.

Get in good with the parks and rec. dept. where you live.
I see sooo many people busting their humps @ their local course, when the city will do the work for free.

Make sure people know your name. You have your age to overcome, that sucks, but that is life. Be seen in local disc golf circles. Make sure that you donate your time to other clubs in the area. Quid pro quo ( one hand washes the other ) when your presence is felt @ other disc golf functions , you will find more people looking to get involved with you .

Network, Network, Network.

Its not what you know , but whom you know.....

Go sit in on a city council meeting , find out who the movers and shakers are . Make sure they meet you, make sure they know who you are... Those contacts could help for years to come .

First and foremost , do not expect anything in return.
Many will get discouraged , and quit. Nobody likes a quitter. If you start this , finish this . Running a league/ club is a thankless task. People will show up , play the mini and leave . Accept that . The people you want involved in your club are the ones that will go out of the way to thank you for your time . Time which does not come cheap when you are the driving force behind the gourp.

Keep you chin up, you are young and many will try to label that as a weekness. Pay attention, provide what others do not . Keep your nose clean, and the universe will unfold as it should .

Hope that helps.