Sep 09 2006, 08:12 PM
IOS #6 @ Aurora, IL
Am-- B-Tier, Pro--C-Tier
09/16/06---> Adv/Pro
09/17/06--> Int/Rec/Jr

There has been an average of 200 players per event over the first 5 IOS events this year. Open has averaged 25, Advanced a WHOPPING 56, Intermediate 40, and Recreational 42 players per event. Please preregister. www.brasscash.com (http://www.brasscash.com)

Jericho Lake is looking fantastic. Both sets of tees now have concrete. Adv/Pro will be playing longs both rounds and Int/Rec/Jr will be playing longs then shorts. There will be 4 temps set up for 2 rounds of 22 holes. Check this link for a course map. DISCussion Thread (http://discontinuum.org/forums/index.php/topic,2730.0.html)

Aurora is in a great location off I88 west of Chicago. We are expecting max capacity of 110 players each day especially since many areas of major disc golf are within 2 hours.
Aurora is
112 miles from Bloomington, IL
112 miles from Milwaukee, WI
133 miles from Peoria, IL
138 miles from Madison, WI
193 miles from Springfield, IL