Aug 24 2006, 05:11 PM
Lance Stanton Doubles VI

This is the event that brought the course to Cliff Drive!! Continue to be a part of the history!!

I am proud to host once again the Lance Stanton Doubles Event on Sunday September 1 (Sunday of Labor Day Weekend-No work Monday for many!) This is a bring your own partner event, but those without are encouraged to show up as some may not have a partner. Last year we had 58 players, I want 74 this year! Come and get your pieces of the rock!

Entry Fees-
$10/Person-All other Divisions
$3/person Ace Fund
$2/person non-KCFDC Member

Registration from 9:00-10:00

Tee Off-10:30

Round 1-Best Shot

Round 2-666 format

Holes 1-6 Alternate Shot
Holes 7-12 Best Shot
Holes 13-18 Worst Shot (as determined by the other team(s))

Thats right a switch in the 6-6-6 format to WORST shot this year.

If no Aces hit CF gets more $$$$. This is a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis, to have checks tax deductible, please make out your contribution directly to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. If you are able to make donations please let me know and I will get your name and organization in the program (electronic artwork is preferred, or a biz card if nothing else!). Looking for CTP prizes for all levels, Chiefs TIX would be great, restaraunt vouchers, shirts, hats, you name it, will give it away(ask your local boss for some goodies to help your bad disc golf habit and get others hooked)!!

Here are the winners from LSD V 2005

LaRon Harrison & Eric McCabe Open

Dick (Parker) & Tracey (Walker) Adv

Brain Gammon & Dan Coffman Adv Mstr

Becky & Maul Mixed

Please contact me directly for information
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Jack Lowe
"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
cheaper, and healthier!"

Aug 28 2006, 03:25 PM
first round will have 18 either CTP's or longest putts-
here are the gifts to date-Every hole will have a prize over $25 in value!!! in round 1, working on round 2 now!!
$100-CTP North East News (thats right $100 cash, will be #2 short)
$50 Bicycle Tune Up Biscari Brothers
$25 Gift certificate Disc Golf World
$25 (cash)Mike Spady
$25 (Cash) Mark Morales
$25 (Cash) Scott Wade
$25 (cash) Tavish Sanders (Vos Design may increase!)
$150 Cookware from TJ Ring
$50 (cash) Builders Surplus
$80 2 Jackets-Bishop Sullivan Center
$25 Gift Card Price Chopper
$30 Gift Card West Lake Ace Hardware
$25 Gift Certificate Tracy Marriot Salon
$30 Gift Certificates Taqueria Mexico
$40 Merchandise from Koi Discs
$!! Old CE plastic from Dawn to Dusk that Bruce promises will be highly coveted!!!(Support their event Spetember 23 &24)

Those places that I have commitments but need to find out what they are giving-
River Market Brewery
Outback Restaraunts
Kinghts Barbecue
Pekin Palace
Coldwater Creek
Gry Marsh and the Pendelton Hieghts neighborhood association

I am still looking for Chiefs Tickets, and hope to get those lined up. I am also hopeful that New Belgium will be sponsoring adult carbonated beverages for us on this event!

come on out, if you don't have a partner, come out enyway every year we need more people!!