Jul 21 2006, 02:39 PM
I've been playing just over a year and currently max out at 320' or so, with most around 300' with a 171g Wraith..I have a bum knee (plant leg) which I think is preventing me from getting more distance (I'm not following thru and favoring the knee.) I *think* that's what's wrong.

If anyone could offer advice after looking at the video below, I would be most grateful.. Any insight, positive or negative is encouraged.

Jul 21 2006, 02:58 PM
The first thing I would do is slow down your run up. I like a slower rhythm, and I find that I lose no distance, and gain accuracy.

Jul 21 2006, 05:24 PM
When you start out your run-up you should be facing the target this way your body is getting more momentum for the reach back, when you reach back you should almost have your back to the target. When you go to pull through dont try to pull through hard just fast. The speed of your run up looks good to me.

The was a very good article on this in the magazine a couple of issues ago.

Here it is, Getting Distance (

Jul 21 2006, 07:50 PM
When you start out your run-up you should be facing the target this way your body is getting more momentum for the reach back

Why do you need more momentum for your reach back? The momentum has to stop so that your arm can start coming forward again. So, how much momentum you have going back is meaningless. I think starting facing the target could add some unnecessary movement while you're trying to improve other parts of your form. It's just one more thing to concentrate on. Improve other parts of your throw and you can build up to that.

A lot of good players do seem to start facing the target though. Anybody out there have a good reason to start facing the target?

Jul 21 2006, 10:24 PM
Have you tried wearing a knee brace? i know it is uncomfortable but it would help support the knee and you would possibly be able to complete your follow through

wait i know lets start a boycott of espn until its put on tv and get all the disc golfers members and non-remembers to be cool if it would work

Jul 22 2006, 03:35 AM
Anybody out there have a good reason to start facing the target?

for players that do not have a lot of explosive leg strength, moving forwards (natural motion) often helps them get more momentum than trying to move sideways or backwards. for players with more athletic leg strength, this is unnecessary.

as for building momentum into the reach back, this occurs on any throw that is started without the throw in the reach back position, but is also doesn't aid much to power (if you look at the big d throwers 360 turnaround technique, most start w/ their disc in the reach position).

most pros do start with the disc in front of them, but this tends to be more of a shoulder primer than anything else. every player on Theo's page reaches back "from underneath" which leads to a specific type of rotation backwards and their right shoulder to be slightly lower than their left shoulder. this is much harder to perform if you start with the disc at your chest.

drunkentroub: your finish timing isn't bad, but you aren't quite harnessing all the power you could through the rip (partly due to lack of a strong follow through, the rest can be likely be traced to rip/grip). you may want to experiment with different types of pivots (heel vs. ball vs. toe) if you are afraid of your knee as well as varying degrees of knee bend. you are also missing a bit of whip speed as your upper body is a little bit early which takes away from the power you get from hip rotation.

as for comments on pulling hard vs. pulling fast...
anyone that makes a legitimate 450+' throw is throwing VERY hard. the difference with them vs. most players is that they are being strong at the right time and focusing it in the right way. it is this timing variable that sometimes gives them the appearance of an effortless throw (these are players that don't waste power early in the pull) even though they are finishing very hard.

on Theo's breakdowns, the "power zone" can be seen on Ruth Steele's and Marc Jarvis' breakdowns in frame 5.

static pictures never really capture the timing of the strength that happens as they accelerate through that zone and through the rip. also, the focus is very feel-based and difficult to describe to people who haven't had it, but for most players that throw under 400', it's a similar feel to when you grip lock a throw and rip it like 75' longer than their average drive.

Jul 22 2006, 10:45 AM
1) Listen to Blake T

2) Check out the thread Distance Secrets (

Jul 26 2006, 01:31 PM
I'd suggest that you throw something besides the Wraith. That is a very high speed driver that requires a lot of power and snap (which you're not getting on your throws). Some things that helped my distance a lot:

- Work on max D with Aviars and/or Rocs (they highlight form / wrist roll problems)
- Dump the Orcs and Wraiths and throw TLs, ELs, Valks and Leopards (discs with more glide and less stability).
- Once you can throw these discs over 400ft easily then you might consider going back to the Wraith

Jul 26 2006, 07:09 PM
Distance isn't everything. Accuracy,accuracy, 350+ will not do you any good in the trees. Most courses do not have 18 300+ holes. Learn disc management to be safe and clean. If you want distance go to a lighter disc or roll it.(Depends on the wind) Don't get discouraged, practice and you'll get it. Mean while, don't play their game play yours. Bigger distance can cause bigger dangers if it goes wrong. If you want to cut strokes from your game learn how to putt.