Jul 05 2006, 07:30 PM
We found a bunch of discs in the ponds at Chili and Parma over the weekend. Give me a ring and I'll get your plastic back to you. (315) 704-8364. Most cleaned up ok- some didn't.

John Whitney---white polaris badly stained
Karl---white typhoon good shape
NEFF---orange archangel good shape
Jeremy Stein---blue WB cheetah stained
Mark Sherwood---white ice bowl 2000 teebird? decent shape
Kevin Driver---old white eagle good shape
Doug Opiela?--- purplish badly stained cyclone marked "opie"
Doug Corea---badly stained orange hawk
Jacob Johnson---orange shark decent shape
Greg Blossom--- orange valk good shape
McGraw--- white valk decent shape
Tom Brannon---red gator decent shape
Mike Sommerfeld---white eagle good shape
Michael Cageysen?--- yellow orc good disc
VONNON---lavender stingray good shape
J.E.L.---red cheetah good shape
M. Hines--- yellow cyclone good disc
Dan Playfair--- 9x kc aviar!!! good shape a little stained
Lester M.---red omega AP badly stained
Brian Beach---orange #1 Driver stained and beat up
Kurt Glaess---used to be white elite XL badly stained
Eric Shamp---stained orange cheetah decent shape
Carl Weber---badly stained yellow shadow
Goonman---purple stained polaris ls

last but not least...
very bad shape but cool to find...
Scott Stokely--- beat to hell first run elite pro XL

The discs have been cleaned up quite a bit but most still have a slight swamp odor that should fade away. If I'm not contacted within a reasonable timeframe I'll find the disc a new home.

Quite a few discs had no contact info at all so if you're missing something precious let me know. Enjoy--- jim