Jun 15 2006, 06:33 AM
I just want to give a shout out of thanks to the great group of disc golfers I met and played with on Tuesday and Wednesday! I work at Nationwide and came into town for three days for work from Des Moines. I first played with the ladies at Tuesday night Women's League at Griggs. We played random doubles and Susie was my partner and the ladies were so fun and welcoming! Thank you ladies!

Then Wednesday night I caught a ride with Lisa W. and she took me to the Lancaster event. Wow! What a beautiful course and again all the guys and the couple of gals that were there were so wonderful to an out-of-towner! I was randomly partnered up with Eddie and in my group was Chuck Custer and his partner Wayne. And I had played with Chuck's lovely wife Maureen the night before at Women's League. All the guys in my group are some of the best gentlemen around to play with!! And many of the guys playing the event introduced themselves and said welcome! Thanks Lancaster disc golfers!!

So thanks very much Columbus disc golfers and to Lisa for driving me around and for making the very first time I've played in Ohio so memorable and enjoyable! I can't wait until I have to come out here to work again!!