Jun 02 2006, 03:42 AM
Hello All,

I am here with the 2nd installment of the OZaukee Disc Golf Club's Events.

The Team Challenge will be on July 8th - 3 Rounds in one Day!!!
1st Round - Best Shot Doubles (You Pick your Partner from your Team)

Round 2 - Singles (No Team Members on the same Card)

Round 3 - Alternate Shot Doubles
(Partners are decided by the Best Round and Worst Round from Singles Play)

One player from each division (PRO-ADV-INT-REC/JUNIOR, But Here's the Catch...

One player on your team must be a female!!!!

Register your team now and Save $20 - Registration after July 1st is $120.

For More info go to - OZDGC TEAM CHALLENGE (

Jun 06 2006, 09:06 PM

As much as we thought it would be a great idea and a good way to get Women into the sport.

We have decided to not make it a requirement for one member of the team to be a Women, Still ENCOURAGED, but not REQUIRED!

If you would like more info please check out the OZDGC TEAM CHALLENGE Website ( or [email protected]