Apr 15 2006, 01:29 PM
With the absence of the Greater Peoria Open in this year's schedule, the Joliet area golfers invite all to join us on Memorial Day Weekend to tour the Peoria area courses, bars, grills, steakhouses, speakeasies, casinos, and whatever else we can fit in!

There will be two days of golf in the form of three separate, random draw doubles rounds, and we recommend joining us Saturday night for stops at Alexander's Steakhouse and Big Al's Speakeasy, both near downtown Peoria, to make the weekend complete.

Each round will be random draw partners from one field (no divisions) and will be best shot format. Entry fee is $10 per person per round. It is likely there will be an ace pool ($1 per player per round), and at least one cash CTP per round ($2 per player per round). I'll post a confirmation here before that weekend.

Saturday, May 27th:
Bradley Park -- 9:30 sign up, 10:00 tee off
-- lunch break --
McNaughton Park -- 2:30 sign up, 3:00 tee off

Sunday, May 28th:
Northwood Park -- 10:00 sign up, 10:30 tee off
Will there be a round 2? We'll figure that out later...

Any questions? [email protected]
See you there, Mike

Alexander's Steakhouse

Big Al's Speakeasy