Mar 30 2006, 02:22 PM
Just wondering what happened to the Madison and Appleton Disc Golf threads? Did they get deleted or moved? I can't find them anymore.

Mar 30 2006, 02:28 PM
I believe Cliff removed them for nonpayment.
Ken said he would renew Appleton in the Affiliate Club program, but I am unsure of Madison. Is Todd the contact there?

Mar 30 2006, 04:38 PM
You have to pay to have your club on a thread???? If that's true, I did not know that.

Mar 30 2006, 05:01 PM
It's not so much a fee as it is having at least 10 club members renew their PDGA memberships at the same time for your club to qualify for the Affiliate program and have your thread.

Mar 31 2006, 08:35 AM
. . . and a check for $20.
But it is still a good deal.

Mar 31 2006, 08:57 AM
True. But since you save $5 per person on renewals being done this way, you could fund the $20 by reducing the $5 saving per person to $3. Plus, don't you still get one Course Directory per each 10 renewals?

Mar 31 2006, 09:47 AM
Although we're not talking big $ here, the benefits of the AP are good incentive to renew through your club (and become more involved).

Mar 31 2006, 10:16 AM
I don't think very many people know about this, at least I had no idea.

Mar 31 2006, 11:59 AM
I sent a payment to Cliff two weeks ago. So I have no clue what the deal is. I already sent a message to Cliff. Why are there other threads that haven't payed still on the board also? Makes no sense at all!!! :mad:

Mar 31 2006, 12:01 PM
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Some of the threads get like 2 posts a year and are still on there :confused:

Mar 31 2006, 12:12 PM
You sure they haven't paid? What do you base that statement on?

I have no idea which clubs are current and which ones aren't, so I'm curious where you get the info to make that statement.

And just because no one posts on the thread doesn't mean the club isn't current. There are more benefits than just a DISCussion thread.

Mar 31 2006, 07:58 PM
I personally sent the check myself. So I don't know what the SNAFU is? I would like to know though!!!

Mar 31 2006, 08:02 PM
FYI Rhett. The affiliated clubs forums have a little topic @ the bottom. I'm guessing the ones which say LAST CHANCE TO RENEW would be the ones that still owe. So why are they still up and running while ours was deleted? Hmmmm......................

Apr 01 2006, 04:30 AM
As of right now there are 5 affiliated clubs that have not payed as far as I can see, and they are still up and running. If the PDGA can't even get the Discussion board right, doesn't say much for their ability to deal with even the most medial tasks.

Apr 01 2006, 02:30 PM
Yeah, I thought Ken paid as well.

Apr 04 2006, 10:29 PM
How long is this goign to take to get the threads back up? I really don't understand why they were deleted in the first place.

Apr 05 2006, 02:46 AM
Below is something I sent in an e-mail to someone a few weeks back. They were asking about the Affiliate Club Program so I tried to lay it out as best as I could. Instead of me re-typing the whole e-mail, I figured it would be easier to basically copy and paste it on this thread.

Also - I didn't mention it in the e-mail below but this program is pretty much one guy that has worked very hard to try and make this work. Some clubs (like Madison and Appleton) waited until they were threatened to be pulled off of here and then submitted their info at the last possible second. Now it's a huge task to go out and deal with all of this and some people are being impatient and getting in a tizzy.

About the Affiliate Club Program � this is something the PDGA started years ago and I don't think it took off nearly as much as they had hoped. However, anyone that took advantage of it, did so in a very lucrative way. Basically all the PDGA said was�Gather 10 or more people together for memberships and send them in bundles of 10 or more. The club that collects these gets $5 of EVERY player�s membership money that should go into the club in some way. So I organized the one for the GLDGC and we raised a few hundred dollars in the past few years. This year�s was a little low but it looked something like this:

18 memberships * $5 = $90 for the club
1 Free 2006 Course Directory (you get 1 free per 10 people that sign up and we raffle it off amongst the renewers)
4 Free PDGA official�s tests. (Normally it costs someone $10 per test but with this you can get a FREE one for each person in the program that needs one)
-$20 to sign up for the program.

So we basically got $70 FOR FREE, 1 course directory for FREE, and $40 in official�s tests for FREE. And we keep our little special place on the PDGA message board.

Again, the Affiliate Club Program seems to be losing some steam but I don't know where it's fate lies. Its something else the PDGA does for US and some people just don�t take advantage of it. I think anyone not offering this to their club is crazy. This program also does a wonderful job of getting people to renew their memberships so some poor TD doesn�t have to deal with 100 other things during the day of running their event. Finding out if Joe Blow is current, if Susie paid her renewals, etc.

That�s my long and short take on the Affiliate Club Program. I hope this provides some insight for you.

Apr 05 2006, 11:19 AM
Was the MADC even an affiliate club prior to this year? For some reason, I remember bringing up the affiliate club program at a meeting a few years back, but the topic was put on the back burner. I thought this year was one of the first years the club was an affiliate club. I dunno. I think I'm losing it. Whatever the situation, the PDGA was kind enough to leave the MADC on the discussion board w/o the club being current. They deserve a little bit of time before they put us back up... ;)