Mar 14 2006, 03:44 PM
On the fire: it was actually not the deckhouse (where Randon lives), but intead it was the other buildings in that fenced-in yard. The 'Honeymoone Suite" is where it is believed to have started (a great one-room cabin, right next to the bathroom and shower - which I assume also burned). It then spread to the 'Headquarters' cabin just next to it. This is where Randon used to live a few years ago before moving over to the deckhouse. It is also where I sleep during the tournament, and Roger and Stephanie Allen usually are there too. It was a beautiful one bedroom cabin with a full bathroom and a kitchenette and a good size living room.

There were a number of antiques and family heirlooms in both cabins, plus lots of Randon's personal stuff, including many of his collectible discs. It is a huge loss for him, both materially and especially emotionally. Insurance can't replace memories, photos, pieces of your family history.

Please keep Randon in your thoughts and hearts. He is going to be heading through a very rough time.

Oh... and it happened about 1 am Sunday night. There were two people sleeping in the HQ cabin. Luckily, Clint Hilligiest noticed the fire, rushed in and woke them up, and they all got out safely.

From Advanced Champion to Life-Saving Hero, all in one day. Way to go Clint!!!

Also, Roberto (who, along with his friend Alexis, did all the cooking for the staff all weekend) was still at the ranch and all his stuff was in the Honeymoon cabin. He was out partying at the campsites with Randon, Sheldon and others, so he wasn't hurt, but all his stuff went poof.

What a horrible way to end such a good weekend

Mar 14 2006, 03:46 PM
Randon Dillingham has given Disc Golf so much :DNow its time for Disc Golfers to give a little back :D

Mar 16 2006, 12:39 AM
I'm all for helping Randon out, but the time isn't "now" yet...he has to battle insurance carrier because they think that he was running a business out of those buildings...best to wait until that all gets settled legally and then we'll do something to help him out...

Thanks for keeping this going though Chinger! We'll figure out a way to help him out...maybe a few tourney's out there, but it seems like we might need to wait a little while for the ashes to settle.

We can offer lots thanks to the powers that be that no one was injured...although that was a close call. My buddy Heath and girlfriend Jessica were sleeping in there at the time, and they had to be really shaken hard to get them up and out of there!

I'll keep checking with Gordon too and we'd be glad to get your help in getting word out and to attend!

Mar 16 2006, 01:45 PM
When it is finally determined as to what his needs are, would you please post it so that we can send some type of assistance?


Mar 17 2006, 12:40 PM
This is in from Gordo this morning...

Stevo and I have talked with Randon. He would like to express to everyone his appreciation for their concern and offers of help!

Regarding donations, he is touched by the generosity, but he does not wish anyone to send money or to set up any fund or fundraiser. He said that if you really want to give something, just donate it to your favorite charity in his name.

Regarding offers of help at the ranch. He will need some, but he isn't sure when, doing what, or how much. He probably won't know this until later, after more evaluation is done. What he'd like to do is have people who are interested and willing to help out just send me their contact info (by email to [email protected] - include name, phone #, and email address). I'll compile a list to give to him so that when he is ready for help, he can contact folks directly.



Mar 23 2006, 12:21 PM
I talked to Randon yesterday, and some things have kind of changed. His insurance company is being, well... an insurance company, and he is worried that they might not follow through on their coverage. :confused:

He has been very touched by all the offers of help, both physically at the Snow Farm and financially through donations and fundraisers. These have come in from folks not only here in Central Texas, but from other states as well. He is really grateful that people want to help.

If anyone would like to hold a fundraiser for him and the Snow Farm, or take up collections, he would be delighted.

If anyone wants to make a direct cash contribution, he would gratefully accept it.

All contributions can be sent directly to him, or you can send them to me and I'll make sure he gets them. If you have any questions, you can call him at (979) 278-3536 or (979) 451-2069.

Checks should be payable to Randon Dillingham. You can send them to:

Randon Dillingham
PO Box 92
Round Top, TX 78954-0092


Gordon Maxim-Kelley
1905 Harmon Hills Rd.
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Thanks! :)

Mar 23 2006, 12:30 PM
And speaking of help needed at the Snow Farm, he needs some this Saturday (March 25th).

He needs a couple of people with pickup trucks, and a few more people (that don't necessarily have trucks) to help with removing a bunch of the burned up debris.

If you have a truck and want to help, he wants you to know that the bed of your truck could/will get very dirty and nasty from the rubble.

If you can help, please call him on his cell phone at (979) 451-2069.

He would like to start around 8 or 9 in the morning on Saturday. He'll need help loading stuff into the back of trucks and into trashcans too, in order to take it all to the dump (which is open on sat. and will accept trash/debris from early morning through mid-afternoon).

Please bring: shovels, trash cans, and of course good work gloves.

If you don't want to drive out there sat. morning, check with him about staying over friday night; camping or maybe staying in the Doghouse.

And there is bound to be some fun golf following all the labor. :D