Mar 10 2006, 12:54 PM
Does anyone know when the info. for this tourney will be available?

Mar 12 2006, 11:51 AM
There is currently a registration form on the club's site.
Registration Form (http://www.dsmdiscgolf.org/dmdgc/tournamentfliers/2006ChallengeRegForm.pdf)

There will more information to come on the host hotel as well as a list of events. I think they are wanting to finalize the info in the next couple of weeks.

If you have anymore questions...feel free to post them and I will see if I can answer them or get them answered for you.

Joe Thompson

Mar 13 2006, 01:58 PM
thx joe

Mar 14 2006, 04:30 PM
Sounds great Joe, thanks so much for the link. I hope to be able to make there at the end of May! I'll keep checking the site for hotel info. too. :cool:
Thanks again!

Apr 16 2006, 12:33 PM
When is the website going to be updated for the Challenge?
It has all 2005 info on it?


Apr 17 2006, 11:23 AM

Try here:

2006 Des Moines Challenge Web Page (http://groups.msn.com/TheGreaterDesMoinesChallenge/_whatsnew.msnw)

I think they're working through some issues getting it linked to the dsmdiscgolf page. It will be soon. Otherwise, use the link above.


Apr 21 2006, 08:29 AM
thanks Chappy.

Apr 24 2006, 11:57 PM
Yes, thanks John for putting out link out here. I posted it on all of the forums I could think of that surround DSM but didn't think about the PDGA forum. WHOOPS!

I also realize that the PDGA website was linking people to our 2005 website. I believe that has been corrected now. I apologize. We were having update issues on our old site. There is a new one now. http://groups.msn.com/TheGreaterDesMoinesChallenge/_whatsnew.msnw
You can access the registration on the Documents page. We didn't get set up for on-line registrations. We hope to offer that by next year, maybe even by The Open late this summer.

Hope to see you Memorial Day weekend!
Tina Clark
Tournament Director
Greater Des Moines Challenge