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Discmania's Splash

At a time when disc manufacturers are lining up their new releases for the 2011 season, a new and fresh player has emerged into Disc Golf Scene. We are of course speaking of Discmania. Who and what is Discmania? Discmania is a Finnish disc golf brand run by the talented Jussi Meresmaa.They have just finished their rather inventive marketing campaign celebrating the release of their new C-Line.

The C-Line release began with a theft of valuble prototypes at the Discmania warehouse. After leaving some initial clues, Discmania published their new Disc Golf short film titled "The Great Escape", offering an explanation to the theft. "The Great Escape" has been one of the most discussed Disc Golf videos of the year so far. The short film is certainly something new in the Disc Golf scene, with professional cinematography and a story line that we are waiting to extend into future.

After releasing the promotional video, Discmania launched its worldwide scavenger hunt, Hidden Gems. This campaign left clues for golfers about C-line prototype discs hidden in ten locations all around the world. On March 7th, the new C-line was released. If the buzz on the forums and social media is any indication, Discmania will be a name heard often throughout 2011.

Discmania History
Discmania Golf Discs has emerged with a full line of discs molded in association with Innova Champion Discs. Discmania has been a "cult classic" sensation for almost five years, gaining most of its glory around Europe and especially in their home country of Finland. In Finland it’s estimated to be the second biggest manufacturer according to disc sales, following Innova Champion.

In 2006, the accomplished disc golfer Jussi Meresmaa met with disc golf pioneer Dave Dunipace and Discmania was born. Jussi has envisioned having his own line of discs since he started playing in 1996. With the expertise of Dave Dunipace and the ambition of Jussi Meresmaa, Discmania has been able to create a full line of golf discs.

Throughout the years, Discmania has created a solid fan base on both sides of the Atlantic. Dedicated Discmania fans have been coined "Discmaniacs". When asked why Discmania hasn’t been more visible until this day, a fan replies, "Discmania is for serious players that seek something special. Those that are in the know want keep their Discmania discs to themselves and use them as a secret advantage against the other players”.

Even though the top disc manufacturers are standing on a solid base of success, Discmania has proven that there is room for fresh ideas. With Innova sponsored players Avery Jenkins and Will Schusterick on their team and even Ken ”the Champ” Climo using some of their models, Discmania will certainly become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

More courses equals more players
From the very beginning of Discmania history, the company has been closely involved with course design and promotions. Building new courses is a key component to grow the sport. Discmania has now partnered with Innova and is now offering a package appropriately named: DiscGolfPark to all European clients. The Innova DiscGolfPark™ is an ecological and cost-efficient turnkey solution for Disc Golf. Many of the most popular Disc Golf courses in Europe are built following the DiscGolfPark™ concept. In the past 5 years the Discmania course team has installed more than 150 European courses, mostly in Finland. The growth of the sport in Finland alone is astonishing, more than 20,000 people play there regularly! That is almost 4% of the population.

Promoting Disc Golf in Europe
Whether it’s about finding new ways to market products or organizing tournaments, Mr. Meresmaa and Discmania are definitely pushing the sport forward. 2011 marks the 4th time the European Open will be gathering the most competitive field ever to be seen on European soil. Once again Discmania is heavily involved in both the European Open and the Presidents Cup as one of the organizing partners. More info about the European Open can be found at

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