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Basket Giveaway

Have you been tracking the touring players in disc golf? Do you know who's playing great and who's up and coming?  We hope so. Disc golf is too fun to not get excited about these athletes.  You can put your knowledge to the test at Pick pros in the upcoming Majors and NT's to win prizes and pride amongst your peers. The best part is that it's FREE to play. All you have to do is signup and pick a few pros to be eligible for the prizes.  On May 4th, picks open for the “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup.  The fantasy winner with the most points from this event will receive a custom basket, courtesy of DGA!!

Several clubs and companies have also utilized fantasy disc golf's new interface by creating their own league involving local tournaments and local players.  "It's a lot of fun to select your buddy at a tournament and give him a hard time if he lets you down," says co-creator Aaron Brooker (#20579).  "We're happy to see so many people catch onto our vision of not only highlighting the sport’s best athletes, but also bringing the fun of fantasy sports closer to home." Brooker even notes that a few users have created their own blogs dedicated to tips, advice, and strategy for the big events.  Currently, the site has around 90 private leagues and 6 public leagues.  Several of the public leagues are offering prizes and there is no cost to join.

If you haven't signed up yet, it's free and simple. Go to and join.