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AW2010: Wednesday

Not a cloud in sight, temperatures in the mid 70s, and communities brought together through disc golf.

What do these things have in common? They all took place in Mid-Ohio on Wednesday.

Yesterday’s weather made quite the impression as competitors ventured out to their designated courses for day two of competition. The bogeys were going to be exchanged for birdies, the leader board cards were going to change positions, and the focus was going to be fixated on catching the opponent in the lead. This was the mindset during Wednesday’s rounds.

The leaders after the second day of competition are as follows:

  • Advanced: David Wiggins, Jr (NC) at -25 with a 7 shot lead over David Nelson (IL).
  • Advanced Masters: Bill Cary (MN) at -19 with a 3 shot lead over Jerry Dobbins (KY).
  • Advanced Grandmasters: John Schengber (OH) at -17 with a 1 shot lead over Razor Ray Missey (OH).
  • Advanced Senior Grandmasters: TIE Ron Engebretson (TX) and Chuck Hornsby (GA) at -4 and a 3 shot lead over Pete May (GA).
  • Advanced Legends: Robert Burton (OR) at +8 with a 7 shot lead over Bill Ball (SC).
  • Advanced Women: Rebecca Frazer (IN) at +3 with an 8 shot lead over her mother, Sandra (IN).
  • Advanced Master Women: Marie Fry (PA) at +28 with a 1 shot lead over Dawn Osborn (OH).
  • Advanced Grandmaster Women: Sue B Lande (CO) at +29 with a 13 shot lead over Maureen Miller (OH).
  • Junior Boys 19 and under: Richard Wysocki (OH) at -22 with a 2 shot lead over Grayson Dewey (IL).
  • Junior Boys 16 and under: Seppo Paju (Finland) at -18 with a 3 shot lead over Andrew Coggin (NC).
  • Junior Boys 13 and under: Triston Covington (AZ) at -11 with a 4 shot lead over Andrew Kaluk (MI).
  • Junior Boys 10 and under: Conall Stillwagon (TX) at +59 with a 1 shot lead over Robert Bryant III (OH).
  • Junior Girls 19 and under: Veronica Diebert (OH) at +67 with a 38 shot lead over Audrey Quirk (MO).
  • Junior Girls 16 and under: Paige Bjerkaas (CO) at +31 with a 20 shot lead over Breanna Vogel (OH).
  • Junior Girls 13 and under: Katie Steinberger (OH) at +70
  • Junior Girls 10 and under: Kyra Colston (IN) at +109 with a 29 shot lead over Desiree Duran (AZ).

The divisions that were assigned pools have now been shuffled together and reassigned based on play through yesterday. Today, the competition will start reeling in those who want the title the most. Who will make a move? Will there be new leaders or more ties going into Friday? Watch for the latest updates on our Worlds Media Page.