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The 2011 PDGA Disc Golf World Rankings and Continental Rankings have been updated including events thru August plus the Vibram Open. Nikko Locastro has slipped past David Feldberg to the top of the World Rankings primarily based on a better finish at Worlds. Will Schusterick made a big jump from 12th up to 3rd and Josh Anthon from 10th to 4th based on their second place tie at Worlds. Nate Doss won Worlds producing a modest jump from 9th to 6th. He has the chance to move up to at least second if he does well at the upcoming PDGA Championships which will wipe out his disappointing 28th at the USDGC last year. The PDGA Championship will replace the USDGC in the World Rankings in alternate years when the USDGC uses the new performance scoring system.

Valarie Jenkins still has a solid grip on top of the World Rankings despite Paige Pierce winning Worlds. Jenkins is the only woman who actually entered all of the events included in World Rankings. Pierce moves up to 3rd from 5th on the strength of her Worlds victory. Sarah Hokom had the "best of the NTs" performance among women moving her up to 5th. Catrina Allen has been serving notice as a woman on the fast track making a big jump from 27th to 11th on the strength of her 5th place finish at Worlds. The new PDGA Championship means the women will have one more Major this year than the men and they are back-to-back. Any of the top three women could emerge on top of the World Rankings depending on their performances at the US Womens Championship this weekend, the PDGA Championship and the Oct 25th ratings update.

The North American rankings closely parallel the World Rankings for men and women. Camilla Jernberg has moved to the top of the European women rankings passing Birgitta Lagerholm with a better performance at Worlds. Jesper Lundmark continues on top of the European men's ranking after tying Markus Kallstrom at Worlds. Patrik Berglund debuts at 9th with the 3rd best performance at Worlds among European men. Mayu Nonaka has moved into a tie with Rika Tsukamoto at the top of the Oceanasia women's rankings. Manabu Kajiyama remains on top of the Oceanasia men's rankings.