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First PDGA Championship Target from Poland

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 22:38

The Cardinal Target manufactured by Poldyskgolf was PDGA Approved at the Championship level on 10-1-2018.

"The Cardinal Target from Polish manufacturer Poldyskgolf is made of steel and fully galvanized. It will serve a long time in competitions, even when installed permanently. Cardinal Target was designed for Championship play required for high level professional PDGA tournaments. This Championship model has 28 properly spaced chains to effectively capture discs and the chains are collapsible to facilitate handling and transport.

The chain support was designed to resemble Cardinal headgear, unique among other Championship target designs. The red Cardinal Target is easily seen from a distance whether framed against a fir-lined background or tucked into the woods. The chain assembly includes 14 inner chains and 14 outer chains hanging loosely on 14 rods fixed at a 60° angle. The Cardinal band perimeter is positioned above the inner chains arranged so even the strongest disc impacts are gently cushioned when holing out. 

Cardinal Target not only meets PDGA Championship level requirements but its design is also registered in the European Union Community. The Championship version is available in a mobile configuration with one 150 cm tube and stand, or a 215 cm tube for permanent installation. Cardinal Targets are available at an affordable price along with custom colors at customer request." - by Poldyskgolf