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PDGA Affiliate Club Registration

Thank you for your interest in the PDGA Affiliate Club program.  

Registration is $25 annually and provides your club with a unique discount code that club members can use for a $5 discount on PDGA membership. 

Clubs in the United States or Canada, please complete form below. All other clubs please see the PDGA International program for more information. 

Club Information
Number of members in your club
The PDGA Affiliate Club Program is available in the United States and Canada only.
Terms and Conditions
The above named club agrees to abide by all PDGA rules, regulations, policies, and procedures including, but not limited to, the following:

Section 2.4 of the PDGA Bylaws:

"DISCRIMINATION PROHIBITED. Membership and all rights of participation in the PDGA, including all tournaments and other events conducted or sanctioned by the Corporation, shall be open to everyone without regard to race, age, religion, sexual orientation, color, marital status, national origin, disability, gender, gender identity, or ancestry. Nonetheless, the Corporation may limit participation in divisions of tournaments or other events on the basis of characteristics such as gender, age, or skill level. By way of example, and without limitation, the Corporation may allow a juniors or seniors division at a tournament and limit participation in such division based on age.”

By typing my full name in the signature box I certify that the information provided is accurate and agree to the terms and conditions.