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A Perfect Day At DeLa

It's hard to explain what it's like to experience a course like DeLaveaga, or a tournament like the Steady Ed Memorial Masters DeLaveaga. Even the drive leading up to the course is pretty incredible. You wind your way through the beautiful DeLaveaga Golf Course and then you pass the club house that has a big sign out front that says "Discs Sold Here". You start to think to yourself, "There's no way there's a disc golf course here, right?". But...there is. And, for someone like myself who plays mostly Midwest courses, it's nothing short of absolutely amazing.

The weather was as close to perfect as we've ever seen for a National Tour event. The temperature was 65-ish degrees, the sun was shining, and the wind was scarcely an issue, which is rare for this course. The layout this year was cut from 27 holes down to 24, which left even some of the most experienced top pros wondering what the player with the hot round would finish at. Ken Climo, AKA “The Champ”, predicted a few holes in to his round this morning that 7 or 8 down would probably be the best score of the day. He wasn't far off.

Nikko Locastro
leads the Open division after round 1 with an unmatched 9 under par. Nate Doss and Paul McBeth, both shooting 6 under par, will join him on the lead card tomorrow with Dave Feldberg who shot just one stroke more than them. The next best round of the day came from the Open Master's division, where Patrick Brown of Team Innova finished well ahead of the pack with an 8 under. He sits with a comfortable 5 stroke lead over the rest of his card tomorrow afternoon, all 3 of which, Climo included, are tied at 3 under par. Val Jenkins holds a 2 stroke lead in the Open Women's division, with world champions Hokom and Pierce, and 2012 NT Elite Series Champion Catrina Ulibarri right on her heels.

A big congratulations goes out to Charlie Mead in the Senior Grandmasters division for getting the only ace of the day, and perhaps the only ace of the tournament. He's here in California visiting from England to welcome his new grandchild into the world. “World's Greatest Grandpa” coffee mugs are a no longer a possibility in his life, they are an absolute certainty.

Live scores on and coverage via Twitter with @PDGAlive will be in full effect tomorrow for a mix of the Open Master’s division, the Open Women’s division,  and the Open division. Tune in and watch as the battle for the lead continues at the Steady Ed Memorial Master's Cup. The weather looks to be just as good if not better than today, and the competition should be as well.