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2019 US Masters Course Rules

2019 US Masters Course Rules

Last updated: Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 23:39

Newton Hill 

  • Hole 15 - All pavement and the auto body shop are OB. Sidewalk past pin is OB as well.
  • Hole 18 - Parking lot is OB (marked with blue line)
  • Porta-Potty is downhill from hole 7 and is a bit of a hike. Time consideration is to be allowed for people that need to go to the bathroom.


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  • Stone walls line almost all OB. All OB marked w/ yellow rope.
  • Hole 3 - OB along left side stone wall bordering hole 2, also OB right side and around blue basket, all marked w/ rope
  • Hole 6 - OB stone wall, rope marks OB line
  • Hole 10 -  The blue and red stakes in the fairway are for reference only. Note: the OB across hole 12’s fairway is in play
  • Hole 12,13,14 - OB stone wall left, marked w/ yellow rope
  • Hole 15 - OB stone wall left & straight ahead by blue basket, rope marks OB
  • Hole 18
    • OB stone wall by Temp Green basket & parking lot, marked w/ rope. Also fenced sunflower garden is OB
    • Tee sign is incorrect for this weekend's play. Blue will play to the short pin (par 3, 458') and Green will play to the long pin (par 4, 598')
    • The sunflower patch, on the right side of the Fairway between the two baskets, is out of bounds and will be marked by yellow rope

Maple HIll (R-Red, W-White, B-Blue, G-Gold)

  • Safety first, take relief back from an active beehive until you feel safe
  • All water carries that go OB go to a drop zone. OB defined by paint.
    • Hole 1: (W,B,G)
    • Hole 5: (B,G)
    • Hole 8: (W,B,G)
    • Hole 14: (B,G)
  • Hole 4 (R,G): Mando, retee if mando missed
  • Hole 9 (B,G): Par 4, bridge over OB is OB
  • Hole 14 White pond is OB for all layouts and teepads
    • White: Play last place in bounds
    • Blue: Go to DZ on dam
    • Gold: Go to DZ on dam
  • We made some adjustments to the course for the MVP open last week. Those adjustments are not in effect unless noted on this page or in the attached PDF.
  • Players always have the option to play a provisional. To play a provisional.
    • Group makes a decision
    • Player says they will play a provisional throw different than the group’s decision
  • OB defined by OB wall, then rope, then water
  • Where OB ends, OB continues in a straight line forever or to the next OB