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2019 PDGA Pro Worlds Course Addendum

2019 PDGA Pro Worlds Course Addendum

Last updated: Monday, August 12, 2019 - 17:39

Northwood Park

  • All bridges are playing surfaces except Hole 15. If your disc is below a bridge you must bring it on top of the bridge with no penalty. 
  • All water is casual except Hole 18. This includes Hole 14, which has now been adjusted to casual. 
  • Hole 7 - Over the cemetery fence is OB. 
  • Hole 13 - There is no casual area. 
  • Hole 15 - OB lines extend stake to stake across the surface of bridge. Portion of bridge above OB area is OB.
  • Hole 16 - MPO shots from the TEE that come to rest in white staked area proceed to drop zone with a one throw penalty. All other shots play normal OB rules. 

Sunset Hills

  • White paint is for ball golf only. The orange and pink paint reference disc golf markings. 
  • Hole 4 - Water is OB. 
  • Hole 8 - Bunkers are not OB as the caddie book graphic shows. They are to be played as hazard rule.
  • Hole 10 - One meter relief is granted from maintenance equipment and supplies. 
  • Hole 17 - Mando is left of marked tree only. If missed proceed to dropzone with penalty. 

Sudden Death Playoff Loops 

  • Sunset Hills - Hole 18 in perpetuity until we have a winner. 
  • Lake Eureka - Holes 18 and 17 in perpetuity until we have a winner.