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2017 Pro Worlds - Course Access & Entry Procedures

Fort Gordon Marine/Navy Disc Golf Course

Wainwright Cir.,
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
United States of America

Fort Gordon, formerly known as Camp Gordon, is a United States Army installation established in 1917. It is the current home of the United States Army Signal Corps and Cyber Center of Excellence and was once the home of The Provost Marshal General School. The fort is located next to Augusta, Georgia to the southwest of the city.

With Fort Gordon being a prestigious military base, entering the property has some built-in requirements. Please read all of the information below carefully. Contact the Tournament Director if you have any questions.

General Information & Requirements

  • It is recommended to show up at least one hour in advance to enter the military base.
  • Everyone will need to enter through Gate 1, which is open 24/7, although the Visitor’s Center is open Monday-Sunday, 6am-8pm EDT.
  • Be prepared to show up to 2 forms of identification (cannot be expired).
  • Visitors under the age of 18 will be required to enter with an adult who will represent the minor while on base. The adult must also go through entry procedure to the installation.
  • Be certain that your driver's license and/or identification card, vehicle registration, car tags and insurance are all current and will not expire prior to the completion of the event.

Special Considerations

State-issued IDs for residents of Missouri, Maine, Montana and Minnesota are not in compliance with the REAL ID Act. A second form of valid identification will be required to enter Fort Gordon.

Eight additional States fall into the “Limited Extension States” category, which will begin requirement of additional ID on June 6, 2017. Therefore competitors from the following states will need a second form of ID as well: Alaska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.

Residents of any state or territory included in the “Limited Access States” and the “Limited Extension States” will need to have an alternative form of identification to gain entry to the installation. Again, every Worlds participant from any of these 12 states will need to bring a second form of ID to ensure expedited access to the base.

Pre-Vetted Entry Passes

All competitors registered on or before Friday, May 19th are being granted a pre-vetted pass through the U.S. Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Program. All registered competitors, vendors, staff, and volunteers that have been in contact with PDGA Event Staff – at least 30 days ahead of time –  will be checked upon entering the base for the first time.

  • Identification is cross-checked with the participant list (which will be provided to MWR by PDGA) and once approved, a placard will be issued, so that entry is as simple as displaying the placard for the remainder of the week.
  • PDGA will provide the base with all registration information, staffing list, vendor, and volunteer lists 30 days before the event.
  • After receiving a placard, all vehicles may or may not be searched when entering the base throughout the week. This is a Department of Homeland Security policy.

Standard Entry Procedure

Spectators as well as competitors that did not register on or before Friday, May 19th will be required to go through the standard entry procedure prior to gaining access to the facility which includes a federal background check. Upon completion of the process, a 30-day pass will be issued.

After receiving a 30-day pass, all vehicles may or may not be searched when entering the base throughout the week. This is a Department of Homeland Security policy.

Fort Gordon Website Resources

International Competitors

The following information has been requested by Fort Gordon officials for international competitors:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Photocopy
  • Date of Arrival to Fort Gordon
  • Date of Departure from Fort Gordon

International competitors planning on driving a vehicle at Fort Gordon will be required to have a valid US Driver’s License or an International Driving Permit as well vehicle insurance and a current copy of the vehicle's registration.

This information is currently being collected by PDGA Europe Administrator, Hans Nagtegaal. Once this information is prepared, Hans will work with MWR to process expedited entry for our international competitors.

Contact Hans Nagtegaal »

Additional Resources

Vendor Information

*Information below comes from Danielle Hayes, MWR Special Events Coordinator.

To be authorized to sell anything on Fort Gordon, ALL vendors will need to submit a purchase request to the Army NAF Contracting in order to generate a contract allowing sales on a military installation. Below is the required W9 form, DUNS form, and instructions to request a DUNS # are on the form; both forms must accompany the vendor's list of items to be sold with prices when the purchase request is submitted. There are also several other internal steps that need to be completed.

Vendors will need to have their product, equipment, and vehicle inspected (including the PDGA Trailer). Mr. Jerry Swain will be the vendors best point of contact to submit the purchase requests. Jerry can be reached at [email protected].

W.R. Jackson Memorial Disc Golf Course (IDGC)

International Disc Golf Center (IDGC)
3828 Dogwood Lane
Appling, Georgia 46236
United States of America

Located within Wildwood Park in Columbia County, Georgia.

When arriving, there will be an entrance fee collected at the gatehouse:

  • Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles = $3/day, $15/week, $30/year
  • Boat/Watercraft = $6/day, $15/week, $30/year

Proceed straight from the gatehouse, then take a left on the first available paved road. You will be welcomed with an IDGC sign located at the corner.
Overflow parking will be in the large lot across from the main boat launch. There will be signage to guide you.

 For additional information please visit the following websites: