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2014 PDGA Pro Disc Golf Worlds Parking

Parking Fees

Most of the parks that we are using this year for the Professional Disc Golf Championships do not have parking charges associated with them. However two of the parks we are using do charge a single day use fee of $5.00 per visit. These parks are Milo McIver State Park and Blue Lake Regional Park. These fees are outside the control of the local committee but we wanted to let you know that there are options for you when confronted with these parking fees. Be advised these fees are not covered by your competition entry fee!!

  1. Carpool whenever possible. These parks rely on parking fees to help sustain the park but they charge by the car not by the person. If you can find some other players to travel with not only are you saving gas and traffic congestion you are also saving money on the parking fees. Blue Lake Regional Park is a busy place in the summer time as it is a great place for families to go and cool off in the warmer months. Carpooling will help to reduce the number of cars and lines waiting to get into the park.
  2. Both parks offer yearly passes and depending on how many times you plan to visit the park you might save some money and time with a yearly pass. Here is some information on the passes, 
    1. Blue Lake Regional Park yearly pass $40.00 - I would advise buying the pass in person once you get to Portland as the time between worlds and now may not be enough time to receive it in the mail. Their address is: Metro Regional Center 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland Oregon 97232. Give them a call if you have questions at +1 (503) 665-4995 option 0.
    2. Milo McIver State Park yearly pass $30.00 - If you are camping at Milo McIver you do not need a parking pass as your camping voucher is sufficient. However if not, you can buy the pass at many local retailers here in the Portland area or at the park itself by visiting the Ranger Station at the park. If you buy the pass at the park the money will stay at Milo McIver park to help keep it the awesome place that it is. If you plan to order online I would call to make sure it will arrive at your home before you leave.

Again these parking fees are generally how the parks raise funds to maintain the land and park use. Please be considerate of the need for a parking pass when using the park. If you are caught without a pass you may receive a warning or you may not. If the violation is excessive your car may be towed at your expense. These passes allow you to use the many parks throughout Portland and the State of Oregon without needing to purchase additional pass. If you are here as a vacationer, as well as, a competitive disc golfer please take the opportunity to visit additional parks to enjoy all that Oregon has to offer.