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Deaf Disc Golf

From first sight to first chains, the race is on. The dream is coming true and after three years of preparation, the 11th Annual National Deaf Disc Golf Championship is finally here. 

Disc Golf is a phenomenon that breaks the communication barrier. All it requires is one disc and transportation to the nearest accessible course with disc entrapment baskets. During Memorial Day weekend, disc golf is in a position to influence the vibrant Austin, Texas community and inspire future disc golfers.

Over 100 Deaf disc golfers have converged upon the capitol of Texas this week to attempt to lay claim on the coveted title of "Champion." Local Austin-ite Justin Ashton is the favored to secure his third National title. He holds the new record for highest rated deaf disc golfer. Justin is currently rated at 991. Charie Crick (MD) looks to defend her title in Women's Open. Local Austin-ite Jimmy Starr looks to repeat another battle down to the wire with Jamie Clark (FL) in the masters division that has a record 15 contestants including 2007-2008 Champion James Wilson (CA).

With the publicity that is occurring this year, membership has seen a 40% increase. Each division is seeing new records and strong competition like never before and we look forward to many more competitors.

Check out who's going to test their mettle among the nation's finest Deaf disc golfers by going here, Grab a buzz commemorating TX11 and be sure to thank our title sponsor, Discnation, by purchasing their discs and gear.

To our fellow competitors, may we all stay out of the schule and routinely make the 20 foot putts. Don't forget the sunscreen, stay hydrated, and make some memories to share with your families.

Who will take home the travel trophies for a year? Texas' Austin Ridge Bible Church AKA "Backyard", and Twin Parks two courses; Park Shire and Park Hill are the three courses that will test each player's skills and create a true 2011 National Champion after five rounds and a safari Final 9 in the brutal Texas heat. Follow us at

Kent Schafer - PDGA 22662, DDGA 87
Nathan Boyes - PDGA 35464, DDGA 160