Women in the Disc Golf Hall of Fame

The Disc Golf Hall of Fame established in 1993 is a tribute to the individual legends of our sport’s past and present. As of 2014 there were sixty-eight inductees in the Hall of Fame. Of those, seven are women. 

Vanessa Chambers #2198 (Inaugural Class of 1993)

Vanessa’s excellence in disc golf elevated both the visibility of the women’s division and the standard by which it was and is judged.  At the time of induction she had been named Woman Disc Golfer of the Year three times, had won the PDGA World Championships twice, and compiled a phenomenal record of top-place finishes. 

Patti Kunkle #283 (Class of 1996) 

Patti Kunkle took disc golf to heart in 1975, and has nurtured it ever since. She played in the very first PDGA-sanctioned tournament, was a member of the first PDGA Board of Directors, and at the time of induction had played in every World Championship since 1983. Patti has won three Masters Titles and has been honored with the Jim Olsen, Sr. Award as Senior Disc Golfer of the Year, and The Bob West Sportsman of the Year Award.

A pivotal player in the development of disc golf in Georgia, Patti’s influence has been felt nationwide as a leader in women’s issues in the sport, driving for changes welcomed by both male and female golfers. Her perseverance to play is outshined only by her energy and enthusiasm for sharing the joy of the game she loves.

Always positive, always patient, and always colorful to the eye and spirit, Patti Kunkle truly symbolizes the "heart" of disc golf.

Elaine King #3090 (Class of 1997)

As the four-time Women’s World Champion (note she has added two more World Championship Titles to her resume since her induction), Elaine King dominated and was almost undefeatable on the pro tour for years. With a stunning number of victories to her credit and many more still to win. Those who play with her find that she is gracious and a joy with whom to share a round of golf. Always exhibiting a professional demeanor, Elaine’s powerful presence on the course evokes a sense of awe even among veteran players. In addition, Elaine King has distinguished herself as one of disc golf’s most dedicated supporters by serving as PDGA Commissioner during a critical transition period and her continued work with the PDGA for years to come.  

Sylvia Voakes #3360 (Class of 2005) 

Sylvia Voakes is legendary proof that disc golf is a sport for all ages. During a span of two decades, she amassed 57 PDGA titles.

She toke six World Singles Titles, one by a record-setting margin of 114 throws. Sylvia is the first woman to win a PDGA tournament competing against the men of her own age division. She has been a continuing presence on the Pro Tour while balancing an active family life. She won the Player of the Year in 1993 and accepted the Jim Olsen Sr. Award in 1995. Sylvia is a consistent representative of disc golf spirit. Sylvia’s local club has bestowed her with awards for promotion and volunteerism. Sylvia’s positive attitude on the course sets an example for us all, teaching the value of letting a bad shot become history, and moving to the next with a fresh perspective. Her smile is a loving reminder that there is indeed a “Frisbee Family.”

Juliana Korver #7438 (Class of 2008) 

Juliana has always given to the advancement of women’s disc golf. She persevered as an amateur superstar and won five individual World Titles during her domination of the tour. Juliana’s unprecedented records have been achieved with style and grace. Through creativity and enthusiasm, she empowers women to enjoy competition. Juliana is the picture-perfect model of a disc golf legend. Juliana’s La Vie En Rose Tournament held in 2009 and 2010 set the bar for women’s disc golf events; serving  as an inspiration for the up and coming ambassadors of the women’s game.  

Lynne Warren #2876 (Class of 2009) 

Through her writings and diplomatic PR editing skills, Lynne Warren has portrayed the players and the sport in the best possible light. A co-founder of Disc Golf World News, Lynne played an essential role in fostering communication, connecting people, and recording the sport’s history. Fun loving and vivacious, Lynne is an ambassador for disc golf whose love and genuine care for people and the sport has touched the hearts of many. Lynne’s commitment to teaching others how to improve and enjoy disc golf on a higher level and her dedication to the goal of peaceful and respectful human interaction has made a difference in a most unique and lasting way.

Becky Zallek #9388 (Class of 2013)

Becky Zallek has worked tirelessly for many years to promote the development of disc golf in Iowa and many other places. She has volunteered for the PDGA in many capacities and was awarded the PDGA Volunteer of the Year Award in 2006. In addition to serving as TD for numerous disc golf events in the Des Moines area, she was the TD of the 2004 PDGA Pro/Am/Junior Worlds in Des Moines.

PDGA Women's Committee