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2010 USWDGC Pre-round Video 09/24/2010 USWDGC, Clash Production
Saucer Golf Video Video that demonstrates a Saucer Golf target. Featured in the Fall 2010 issue of DiscGolfer Magazine written by Joe Feidt. Video shot at Moir Park in Bloomington, Minnesota by Dave Kennedy. 09/24/2010 Saucer Golf, DiscGofler Magazine, Joe Fiedt
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Throwing Basics Pro disc golfer and coach Scott Papa walks you through the essential motions and concepts of the disc golf throw. Video of the week for 9-22-2010. 09/22/2010 Video of the Week, Discraft
2010 USWDGC Promo 09/20/2010
2010 Cedar Hill Open Dynamic Discs 2010 Cedar Hill Open Disc Golf highlight video. Video of the week for 9-13-2010. 09/13/2010 Video of the Week
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #51 - Northwoods Open A-Tier Won by a Familiar Face - Cale Leiviska Hot shooting Cale Leiviska, PDGA #24341 traveled from Minnesota to reclaim his Northwoods Open title. Like everyone who visits Sandy Point, he has nothing but the highest accolades for the resort and gives his personal sales pitch for why everyone needs to visit this disc golfer's dream destination. 09/10/2010 Cale Leiviska, The Disc Golf Guy, Northwoods Open
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #50 - Hole 5 Guy, Near Ace and Highlights from Sandy Point Can you believe we already have 50 Disc Golf Guy Video Blogs. It was only fitting that I speak with fellow disc golf blogger, Hole 5 Guy. H5G has toured extensively this year and brings you video coverage and updates on his site. We are both honored to bring you disc golf action on a regular basis and we look forward to the next 50 video blogs. 09/07/2010 The Disc Golf Guy
Discgolf Girls of Norway This is a tribute to all female discgolfers around the world. Keep on playing, girls! Video is taken at the norwegian tournament Skien Open 2010 14.-15.aug. 21 girls from Norway and Sweden attended the womens division! Shot with Canon 5D mkII, Canon 70-200 f/4, Røde stereomic and a tripod. Video of the week for 9-7-2010. 09/07/2010 Video of the Week, Women, Norway
2010 Skylands NT-Final The 2010 Skylands Classic at Blue Mountain culminated the PDGA's National Tour. These are the spotlight events in disc golf that show off our best talent, best courses, and best events. This year's Skylands Classic came down to a sudden death playoff between David Feldberg and Matt Orum. Feldberg's perfect drive on the first hole was more than Orum could overcome, as the Oregonian went on to win his fourth NT of the season. Valarie Jenkins captured her fifth National Tour crown of 2010 with a solid final round. Des Reading finished second. Jay Reading is playing some of his best disc golf and outpaced the reigning Masters World Champion, Brad Hammock, to win that division. Leroy Jenkins was the class of the Grandmasters field with a 19-throw margin of victory. 09/01/2010 PDGA, Disc Golf, dave feldberg, des reading, Matt Orum, valarie jenkins, Blue Mountain
Player's Cup Preview The Player's Cup has been reborn as a Match Play tournament. Regional Qualifiers will be used to fill the bracket. 09/01/2010 Match Play, Player's Cup, Ocala
Discraft Disc Golf: Urban Style 313 Pro disc golfers invade downtown Detroit. Video of the Week for 8-30-2010. 08/30/2010 Video of the Week, Discraft, Urban Disc Golf
2010 Skylands Preview 08/27/2010
2010 PDGA Pro Worlds DVD Promo Pre-Order the 2010 Pro Worlds DVD now at http://www.pdgastore.com. The DVD features full-length final 9 coverage of the mens and women's open division, as well as a host of interviews and spots featuring players of past and present. Don't miss out on a piece of disc golf history, shot on location at Lemon Lake, Indiana. 08/20/2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #47 - Vibram Open Distance Champion - Garrett Gurthie Nicknamed "Double G", Garrett Gurthie out of Florida can bomb a disc a very long way. This special power earned him the title of 2010 Vibram Open Distance Champion. Throwing on a slight decline, Double G thew an Eco Destroyer 739 feet. He is even nice enough to share some distance tips with our dedicated subscribers. So get out and throw far. 08/15/2010 Vibram Open, New England, National Tour
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog#46 - Michael Johansen leads the Vibram Open after first round. thediscgolfguy 46 videos Scorching the course with a 53, Michael Johansen finds himself on top of the leader board after round one at The Vibram Open. He credits his score with a combination of playing smart as well as execution. 36 brutal holes to play but he would rather be on top than anywhere else. 08/15/2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #45 - Jeremy Koling Warms up at The Vibram Open 2009 PDGA Rookie of the Year, Jeremy Koling is enjoying his sophomore season as a professional disc golfer and he tells us what is different in the Am ranks versus the Pros and why everyone should come out to play or watch The Vibram Open. 08/12/2010
Vibram Open Preview Hello race fans! Live coverage on vibramopen.com. August 12-15, 2010. See website for complete schedule. Live coverage of disc golf, like you've never seen it before. Let's Go! 08/09/2010
2010 Pro Worlds Daily Update (Day 7) Daily update from the seventh day of the 2010 PDGA Pro Worlds. Day 7: Top players from each division battle it out in the finals for the title of world champion on the four courses of Lemon Lake. Produced on location by River's Edge Digital Media. 08/05/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #43 - Sarah Stanhope is Crowned Women's World Champion For the first time in 6 years our Women's World Champion isn't named Des or Val. Sarah attributes some her success to great courses and helpful mentors in South Carolina. Although she was nervous during her the final nine, her 12 stroke cushion going into it was more than enough to hold off her chasers. Congratulations Sarah! 08/02/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #44 - Eric McCabe Earns Disc Golf World Title When EMac made his putt on the seventh hole of the final nine he knew the title was his to take home. McCabe bested a field of over 130 competitors as he cruised to a five stroke margin of victory. He hoped a title would come to him during the 2009 Kansas City Worlds but a hand injury postponed that - until today. Congrats Eric! 08/02/2010 pw2010
2010 Pro Worlds Daily Update (Day 6) Daily update from the sixth day of the 2010 PDGA Pro Worlds. Day 6: The top groups of players in each division battle it out for the final rounds on the four courses of Lemon Lake. Produced on location by River's Edge Digital Media. Category: 07/31/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #42 - Barrett White is Running Down Her First World's Title Illinois native, Barrett White, PDGA #16737 is excited to be playing with the other seven Masters Women here at the Pro Worlds. A long history of ultimate is in her blood but around the year 2000 she gave disc golf a whirl. With only 9 holes to play her four stroke lead is comfortable but not final. 07/31/2010 pw2010
2010 Pro Worlds Daily Update (Day 5) 07/30/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #41 - Current Pro Worlds Leader - Paul Ulibarri After four rounds of intense competition, Paul Ulibarri, PDGA #27171 is still the leader. The 21 year old attributes his one stroke lead to solid putting and taking what the course gives you, even if that means pitching back into the fairway after an errant shot. Apparently he hasn't endured too many errant shots as he leads with score of 40 under par. 07/30/2010 pw2010
2010 Pro Worlds Daily Update (Day 4) Daily update from the fourth day of the 2010 PDGA Pro Worlds. Day 4: Thunderstorms threaten play on the courses at Lemon Lake as the field begins to separate. Produced on location by River's Edge Digital Media. 07/30/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #40 - Josh Anthon and Chris Heeren for the Putting World Championships The putting 'finals' at the PDGA World Championships had an interesting twist this year. Anthon offered an obscure challenge to a game of DISC and eventually reigned victorious. Immediately following that I catch up to get a round recap of Josh's record setting score of 44 on the Red Hawk Course. 07/29/2010 pw2010
2010 Pro Worlds Daily Update (Day 3) Daily update from the third day of the 2010 PDGA Pro Worlds. Day 3: tournament play is underway as the competitors from nine major pools play the courses at Lemon Lake. Produced on location by River's Edge Digital Media. 07/28/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #39 - Phil Arthur Masters Champ Opens Up Phil Arthur, PDGA #7289 surprised everyone this week by opting not to defend his Master's World Championship title. Instead, he choose the Open division where a championship is still his goal. He started the tournament with a 9 under, 57 on the gold course which is only 2 off the lead. 07/29/2010 pw2010
2010 Pro Worlds Daily Update (Day 2) Daily update from the second day of the 2010 PDGA Pro Worlds. Day 2: a range of field events are underway as the competitors take a final preview of the courses before the week ahead. Produced on location by River's Edge Digital Media. 07/27/2010 pw2010
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #38 - Pro Worlds Preview with Matt Orum Matt Orum is always finding himself atop the leader board at PDGA events and he is no stranger to the top 4 at World Championships. During this interview he sheds some insight as to how this year's World Championships will be won and just how close the battle will be. 07/27/2010 pw2010