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Disc Golf Monthly 97- The 21st Seneca Soiree Day One Coverage Featuring coverage from the first day of rounds at the 21st Annual Seneca Soiree. Steve Brinster records an ace on hole 27 in the 2nd round. 06/11/2012 Disc Golf Monthly
Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 5 - Monster Distance In this final episode of the series Discmania founder Jussi Meresmaa and Disc Golf '09 World Champion Avery Jenkins take a road trip to El Mirage, a dry lake in Mojave Desert, California. Learn the important points of big distance driving from one of the biggest arms in the game and find out if the boys can break the 200 meter mark with the new Innova Blizzard discs. 06/11/2012 Discmania, Deep in the Game
MyThrow Presents Alex Geisinger Round 2 at the Discraft 2012 USADGC Alex Geisinger throws a 59 on Round 2 at the USADGC in Milford MI to stay at 2nd place going in to the final round. 06/10/2012 USADGC
Alex Geisinger USADGC First Round Alex Geisinger throws a 58 on Round 1 at the USADGC in Milford, MI. 06/09/2012 USADGC
PDGA United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship presented by Discraft The one tournament you will remember for the rest of your life. USADGC. More info at http://usadgc.com 06/06/2012 USADGC
Oslo Open 2012 From the Oslo Open in Norway on May 25-28th, 2012. Video is taken with Canon 5D mkII, Canon 70-200 f/4, Canon 24-105 f/4, Røde stereomic, GoPro Hero2, a tripod and a Glidecam HD2000 06/06/2012 PDGA Europe, Oslo Open
discgolf.me TV Episode 5 This episode contains highlights of David Feldberg's win at the Kansas City Wide Open, clips from Avery Jenkins, Nate Doss, Valarie Jenkins, Catrina Allen, Jeremy Koling, Don Smith, & Myles Harding as they throw the classic 119 gram Frisbee from the 1970s 06/05/2012 discgolf.me TV
Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 4 - Mental Game In this fourth episode of the series, Discmania founder Jussi Meresmaa teaches how to give yourself the best possible chance of success on a Disc Golf course by focus and concentration. Learn how to control the mental aspects of the game for championship results. 06/05/2012 Discmania, Deep in the Game
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #112 - Sandy Point Team Invitational - PDGA B-Tier One of the single greatest events in all of disc golf returned this year after being absent for the past 9 years. 96 total players from 8 different teams headed to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to compete in the Sandy Point Team Invitational. Tournament director, Mike Cozzens gives a quick recap as the very long, but fun, weekend comes to a close. Congrats to the finalist, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 06/02/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
discgolf.me TV Episode 4 This episode consists of highlights from the Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup in Santa Cruz, a short piece on Ed Headrick told by Scott Keasey, Farina Headrick, & Ken Climo, a short look behind the scenes as pros warm up for a tournament, and an Interview with Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling. 05/29/2012 discgolf.me TV
Disc Girls Double Up: Disc Golf Live episode 47 pt 2 The inward half of this show brings the climax of the Disc Girls Gone Wild skins doubles match from part one. Next comes action from the Vibram Open as Terry Miller and Steve Dodge tell the tale from Maple Hill. In the hunt for the title are Nikko Locastro, Dave Feldberg, Matt Orum, and Steve Brinster. Check out part one for the start of the skins match, then its off to New York as Liz Carr and Billy Crump make the call as we sample action from last summer's PDGA Amateur World Championship. 05/29/2012 Disc Golf Live
Disc Golf Monthly 96- March of St Pats Madness at Rutgers Featuring coverage from the annual PDGA C-tier tournament at Rutgers Disc Golf Course in New Brunswick, NJ 05/22/2012 Disc Golf Monthly
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #111 - Women Disc Golfers at the PDGA The first ever Women's Global Event took place on Saturday, May 12, 2012. I hosted The "Midwest Edition" which was near the Wisconsin & Illinois border at a very nice course. It was an awesome experience as nearly 700 women from all over the world were competing against one another. Congrats to everyone involved in making this a huge success. 05/18/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 3 - Sidearm In this third episode of the series, Disc Golf world champion Avery Jenkins guides you through the Do's & Don'ts of successful sidearm driving game. Learn to control your angle and to follow through on release for best possible results. 05/14/2012 Discmania, Deep in the Game
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #110 - Skyline Am Series Stop 3 - PDGA C-Tier Casey Connors and Justin Lammers stay both dry and mentally tough to earn victories at the third stop of the Skyline Amateur Series. Check out some of the footage which was taken during the event including some action from the "Super 6" finals. Our event sponsors are simply amazing and they are, Keen, Sandy Point Resort, Disc Golf Association, Innova, Skyline, and Legacy Discs. DanesPix is also a sponsor and we look forward to more events and more coverage. 06/05/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
25th Annual Minnesota Majestic Information regarding The 25th Minnesota Majestic taking place June 22-24 at Blue Ribbon Pines, Kaposia, The Valley and Hyland Hills SSA. Go to http://www.gottagogottathrow.com to register today! 06/27/2012 Minnesota Majestic
Disc Girls Double Up: Disc Golf Live episode 47 pt 1 Episode 47 begins with a safari skins doubles match from Disc Girls Gone Wild. Liz Carr and Billy Crump make then make the call as we sample action from last summer's PDGA Amateur World Championship. Part 2 of the show brings the finish of the doubles match and action from the Vibram Open as Terry Miller and Steve Dodge tell the tale from Maple Hill. In the hunt for the title are Nikko Locastro, Dave Feldberg, Matt Orum, and Steve Brinster. Contact us for details on how to obtain copies of DGL for your local access TV station and help us grow disc golf, one community at a time. 06/05/2012 Disc Golf Live
Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 2 - Backhand In this second episode of the series, Disc Golf world champion Avery Jenkins guides you through the key points of successful backhand driving technique. Learn to control your body and the angle of release for your disc for more consistent drives on the course. 06/05/2012 Discmania, Deep in the Game
Steve Brinster Seneca Soiree Ace During the second round at the 2012 Seneca Soiree. Steve takes the box on hole 27, after Brian Schweberger and goes on to record a one on the card. Everyone else in the group recorded a duce. The entire round will be seen in it's entirety on the June edition of Disc Golf Monthly. 04/29/2012 Disc Golf Monthly
Non-Stop Glass Blown Highlights Non-Stop Disc Golf presents highlights from the last round at the 2012 Glass Blown Open 06/13/2012 nsdg
Demonstrating Balance When Putting Chuck Kennedy reviews rule 803.04C and offers various putting examples for when a player has demonstrated balance to avoid foot faults. 04/19/2012 rules
Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 1 - Putting In this first episode of the series, Professional Disc Golf players Avery Jenkins and Jussi Meresmaa guide you through the different aspects of putting. Get to know the difference between a push putt and the spin putt, how to putt in the wind and how to grip your putter. 06/05/2012 Discmania, Deep in the Game
2011 NCDGC Highlights The Hippodrome in North Augusta, South Carolina plays host to the biggest college disc golf event on The Planet. Watch the 2011 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships here, as Oregon and Augusta State battle it out for the most coveted title in schoolboy disc golf...National Champion! 04/12/2012 NCDGC
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #109 - Skyline Am Series Stop 2 - PDGA C-Tier Adam Ladwig, Doug Schlefke, and Jennifer San Filippo are all winners at our second stop of the 2012 Skyline Amateur Series. Like our first stop, this course does offer plenty of birdie opportunities and all 3 of them made good on those chances. Congrats to all of the winners and look for the next stop in May. 04/12/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
Paige Bjerkaas Disc Golf Planet Interview When disc golfers talk about the PDGA World Champion "Paige," most times they are referring to the dynamo out of Texas, Paige Pierce who is the 2011 Women's Open World Champion. And yet, there is another Paige [Bjerkaas], who captured the 2010 PDGA under 16 Girls World Championship in Ohio. This Paige hails from Denver, Colorado and, in addition to her incredibly upbeat and positive approach to disc golf, is a fierce competitor who toppled Des Reading by four throws in the 2011 High Plains Challenge. Now the Pro Rookie is dedicated to stepping up her game and competing against all the women she idolized for the last five years. And even though she is a still only 15 years old, her composure on the course and in front of the camera make her a special disc golfer who will be making her mark in the sport for years to come. Enjoy this exclusive interview with Paige Bjerkaas from her Denver, Colorado home, as DiscGolfPlanet TV's John Duesler talks to her about everything from her personal strengths and weaknesses, to the role her dad and mom play in her disc golf career, to what she believes disc golf is doing right and what we still need to improve upon. 04/02/2012 DiscGolfPlanet.tv
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #108 - Start of the Skyline Amateur Series - PDGA C-Tier The Skyline Amateur Series has officially kicked off in 2012 and we visit one of the most fun courses in Wisconsin, Silver Creek Park. We feature the "Super 6" Finals which showcases the top competitors in both the Gold and Silver Divisions and although we don't show every shot from the entire playoff, we hope you like the random action brought from through out the day. 06/13/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
NSDG Tx State Championships Highlights 03/26/2012 nsdg
Disc Golf Live episode 46 pt 2: 2011 Am Nationals Final Round This half of episode 46 of Disc Golf Live highlights our nation's top amateurs as we wrap up our three-part series from last summer's US Amateur National Championship. We follow the lead cards up and down the slopes of the unforgettable Toboggan course at Kensington Metropark in Milford, MI. The first part of this show is final round action from the Capital City Renegade's CCR Open. 06/13/2012 Disc Golf Live
Disc Golf Live episode 46 pt 1: Capital City Renegades CCR Open 2011 The first half of this episode features action from last summer's CCR Open, held on a new and fiendishly challenging course called the Devil's Den at Burchfield Park in Holt, MI. We've got final round action from the top Open card, including veteran Mike Raley, young gun Ziggy Bierekoven, and long-time rivals Geoff Bennett and Kevin Tomasaitis. We'll also catch some of the action from the top Masters and Ladies Open cards. The second half of the show rounds out our coverage of the 2011 US Amateur National Championship. If you'd like to arrange broadcasts of DGL on your local access TV station, drop us a note and we'll provide copies of our show for free. Help us towards our goal of growing disc golf, one community at a time. 06/13/2012 Disc Golf Live
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #107 Paul McBeth's smooth drives, calm demeanor, and perfect putts all led him to an amazing week of golf as the PDGA's National Tour kicks off at The Memorial. Paul didn't need the hottest score of the day on Sunday as he nursed his healthy lead which he still had to protect. Will Schusterick and David Feldberg both mounted charges but there simply wasn't enough holes to catch Paul. Congrats to all of the division champions and look for additional Memorial related vlogs to come out after this one. 03/06/2012 The Disc Golf Guy