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Paige Bjerkaas Disc Golf Planet Interview When disc golfers talk about the PDGA World Champion "Paige," most times they are referring to the dynamo out of Texas, Paige Pierce who is the 2011 Women's Open World Champion. And yet, there is another Paige [Bjerkaas], who captured the 2010 PDGA under 16 Girls World Championship in Ohio. This Paige hails from Denver, Colorado and, in addition to her incredibly upbeat and positive approach to disc golf, is a fierce competitor who toppled Des Reading by four throws in the 2011 High Plains Challenge. Now the Pro Rookie is dedicated to stepping up her game and competing against all the women she idolized for the last five years. And even though she is a still only 15 years old, her composure on the course and in front of the camera make her a special disc golfer who will be making her mark in the sport for years to come. Enjoy this exclusive interview with Paige Bjerkaas from her Denver, Colorado home, as DiscGolfPlanet TV's John Duesler talks to her about everything from her personal strengths and weaknesses, to the role her dad and mom play in her disc golf career, to what she believes disc golf is doing right and what we still need to improve upon. 04/02/2012 DiscGolfPlanet.tv
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #108 - Start of the Skyline Amateur Series - PDGA C-Tier The Skyline Amateur Series has officially kicked off in 2012 and we visit one of the most fun courses in Wisconsin, Silver Creek Park. We feature the "Super 6" Finals which showcases the top competitors in both the Gold and Silver Divisions and although we don't show every shot from the entire playoff, we hope you like the random action brought from through out the day. 06/13/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
NSDG Tx State Championships Highlights 03/26/2012 nsdg
Disc Golf Live episode 46 pt 2: 2011 Am Nationals Final Round This half of episode 46 of Disc Golf Live highlights our nation's top amateurs as we wrap up our three-part series from last summer's US Amateur National Championship. We follow the lead cards up and down the slopes of the unforgettable Toboggan course at Kensington Metropark in Milford, MI. The first part of this show is final round action from the Capital City Renegade's CCR Open. 06/13/2012 Disc Golf Live
Disc Golf Live episode 46 pt 1: Capital City Renegades CCR Open 2011 The first half of this episode features action from last summer's CCR Open, held on a new and fiendishly challenging course called the Devil's Den at Burchfield Park in Holt, MI. We've got final round action from the top Open card, including veteran Mike Raley, young gun Ziggy Bierekoven, and long-time rivals Geoff Bennett and Kevin Tomasaitis. We'll also catch some of the action from the top Masters and Ladies Open cards. The second half of the show rounds out our coverage of the 2011 US Amateur National Championship. If you'd like to arrange broadcasts of DGL on your local access TV station, drop us a note and we'll provide copies of our show for free. Help us towards our goal of growing disc golf, one community at a time. 06/13/2012 Disc Golf Live
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #107 Paul McBeth's smooth drives, calm demeanor, and perfect putts all led him to an amazing week of golf as the PDGA's National Tour kicks off at The Memorial. Paul didn't need the hottest score of the day on Sunday as he nursed his healthy lead which he still had to protect. Will Schusterick and David Feldberg both mounted charges but there simply wasn't enough holes to catch Paul. Congrats to all of the division champions and look for additional Memorial related vlogs to come out after this one. 03/06/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #106 Ken Climo battles the windy conditions at the Vista Del Camino Course to shoot one of the hottest rounds of the day on Friday. His 51 was only bested by Avery Jenkins. Enjoy all of the vlogs hot shots and a few tips from "The Champ". 03/03/2012
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #105 Paul McBeth overcame a one stroke deficit and now has a two stroke lead halfway through the 2012 Memorial Championship. His long drives and unbelievable smooth putts helped him shoot the hottest score of the day which was a 44. Him and a few others are shown during this chat. I do apologize about the wind - I had a mic 'issue' that I didn't know about until I sat down to edit. It will be fixed for next time. 03/03/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #104 Opening day at The Memorial Championships proved to be nothing short of amazing. Before the day starts off I talk to Aaron Brooker who is the man behind Fantasy Disc Golf and I follow up his interview with your event leader, David Feldberg. Dave shot a 44 which beats the old course record by 2 strokes and will likely be rated around 1114. Wow! 03/01/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #103 Nikko Locastro has a new major sponsor and it's Innova Champion Discs. Just two days after he won the PDGA Supertour in Vegas he's arrived in the Phoenix area and ready for battle. While we get his scoop we see a few shots from the PDGA Clinic which took place on Tuesday. 02/29/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #102 Top players like Valarie Jenkins and Nate Doss are starting to roll into the very windy Phoenix area. In fact, practice on Monday was practically useless as there were 40 mph winds howling at the Fountain Course. Val is about to head out for a round in the much calmer afternoon conditions but catches up with me before her and Nate hit the course. 02/28/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
Tulsa Ice Bowl 2012 This is a highlight video of the 2012 Tulsa Ice Bowl. $12,518.50 was donated to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma along with 531 lbs. of food! Thanks Tulsa Disc Golf 02/20/2012
2012 Memorial Championship Broadcast Promo Traditionally, the PDGA National Tour starts in the desert of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona. This year is no exception, and DiscGolfPlanet.tv will once again be there to provide LIVE Internet broadcasting of the event. From March 1-3, disc golf's top pros will be featured from the beautiful Fountain Hills course and the challenging Vista del Camino circuit. Can Paul McBeth successfully defend his 2011 title? Will Paige Pierce solidify her standing as a top female disc golfer? Or will new players emerge as the forces to be reckoned with in this fast-growing sport? You can catch all the action LIVE on DiscGolfPlanet.tv 02/19/2012 DiscGolfPlanet.tv, discgolfplanet
2012 Glass Blown Open presented by Discraft Promotional piece for 2012 Glass Blown Open. 02/13/2012 CoolDaddySlickBreeze
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #100 - Terry Miller Interviews The Disc Golf Guy for his 100th! When the Disc Golf Guy recorded his first video blog he had no idea what would eventually come of it. A little over 2 years later he's crossed the 100 Vlog milestone and couldn't be happier about it. Vlogs have consisted of some tips, event reviews, round highlights, and interviews with most of the top players in the sport of disc golf. So thankful of the love and support he's received, he hopes to further the Disc Golf Guy brand as well as launch SmashBoxxTV - live event coverage! 02/07/2012 The Disc Golf Guy
Disc Girls Gone Wild: Disc Golf Live episode 45 pt 2 Part 2 of our 2012 season opener kicks off with our coverage of the US Am Nationals from the Togoggan course, and we wrap up in Finland with footage from the Mukkala Open. Stick around for the credits, after they roll the DGGW gals throw off for ace pool cash. In part one of this episode, there is action from Disc Girls Gone Wild and a tour of Charlotte's Web in advance of this summer's PDGA World Chamionship 02/28/2012 Disc Golf Live
Disc Golf Monthly 93 - The Nockamixon Hoodoo Two Featuring coverage form the 2nd annual Nockamixon Hoodoo Two at Nockamixon State Park in Quakertown, PA. 02/02/2012 Disc Golf Monthly
2011 Dirty Dozen Tour Finale Highlights from the Dynamic Discs 2011 Dirty Dozen Tour finale played at The Lodge at Taylor Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 02/28/2012 CoolDaddySlickBreeze
Final Round of the 2011 Memorial The 2011 Memorial Championship begins the PDGA's National Disc Golf Tour every year. This edition in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona featured the youthful talent, Paul McBeth, who won the first of his two NT wins in 2011. 02/28/2012 discgolfplanet
Disc Girls Gone Wild: Disc Golf Live episode 45 pt 1 Our 2012 season kicks off with coverage of a ladies-only event called Disc Girls Gone Wild, highlighted by the stellar play of Liz Lopez. Next comes a tour of Charlotte's Web, one of the 14 courses in play at this summer's PDGA World Championships in North Carolina. In part 2 of this episode, our coverage of the US Am Nationals continues with early round action, and we wrap up in Finland with footage from the Mukkala Open. Stick around for the credits, after they roll the DGGW gals throw off for ace pool cash. 01/09/2012 Disc Golf Live
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #99 - PDGA C-Tier Winner, Scotty Too Hotty Burtard gets 10th Win PDGA 17948, Scotty "Too Hotty" Burtard, wins his 10th PDGA Tournament of 2011 and I had the pleasure of playing with him both rounds. Skyline presents Chaining in the New Year was held on the last day of 2011 and with his effective use of forehands and backhands, Too Hotty had no problem coming from behind in the first round to win this event. 01/06/2012
DGM 92- The Disc Outfitters Patapsco Picnic January episode of Disc Golf Monthly. 01/06/2012 Disc Golf Monthly
Scandinavian Open 2010 finals hole in one Hole 9 102 meters Nikko Locastro. This is how we want to film a hole in one. Full HD two Canon cameras. Probably the best ace footage we have seen to date. Video of the week for 11-22-2010. 01/02/2012 ace, Nikko Locastro, Scandinavian Open, Hole-In-One
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #98 - Nate Doss after Winning the 2011 Vibram Player's Cup Nate Doss of Team Disc Nation has had an incredible year. He goes undefeated at the 2011 Player's Cup and he talks about how it all went down. Exhaustion from this year's tour has set in and he's ready to take some time off to prepare for next year. 12/20/2011 Nate Doss, Players Cup, The Disc Golf Guy
Disc Golf Live epi 44 pt 2: Clash "Darkside" & Stockholm DGO Episode 44 kicks off with a retrospective look at the US Am Nationals, including highlights from our many years of covering that event. The Scandinavian Video Mafia checks in from Sweden with coverage of the Stockholm Disc Golf Championship, including European stars alongside travelling American players. The show also features a pair of contributions from ClashDVD, starting with a tour of one of the courses in play at the 2012 PDGA Pro / Am Worlds in Charlotte, NC. We'll also see a bit of the action from a Clash event on a course called the Darkside, just one of the courses at the Blockhouse Disc Golf Country Club in Spotsylvania County, VA. 12/19/2011 Disc Golf Live
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #97 - Disc Golf Putting Tips by World Champion Putters Josh Anthon, PDGA 17946, is known as one of the best putters on the planet. During the speed putting exhibition at the 2011 PDGA Pro Worlds I get the chance to go up against some of the best putters in the world and to my surprise I win it. Josh provides a few tips about his putting skills. 12/14/2011 The Disc Golf Guy
Disc Golf - Dutch Open 2010 16th Dutch Disc Golf Open Tournament March 26-28 2010. 12/14/2011
Disc Golf Monthly 91- The Eric Yetter Champions Cup Featuring 3rd round coverage from the 2011 Eric Yetter Champions Cup Tournament held at the Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course in Newtown, PA. This years tournament features a wealth of 1000 rated players Nikko Locastro, Paul Ulibarri, Geoff Bennett, Jeremy Kolling, and Ricky Wysocki, Steve Brinster to name a few. The record number of wins is at a tie as Mike Moser and Steve Brinster each have three. 12/12/2011 Disc Golf Monthly
Rochester Disc Golf - Basil Marella Park This series of videos is meant to highlight the great Disc Golf courses in Rochester, NY. Rochester was host to the 2011 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships. Though the video represents one of the best possible playable scores, it's meant more to walk you through the course in a way that lets you see all aspects of the holes and all the course has to offer. This course is Basil Marella Park 12/05/2011
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #96 - Johnny Rumble Wins the Cold Turkey VI Johnny Rumble, PDGA 2540 decides to bring his A Game to our post-Thanksgiving Day C-Tier named "Cold Turkey". This wily veteran claims he ages like a fine wine which must be true because his game is only getting better. The less than ideal golfing conditions didn't matter because it was Rumble ON! 12/01/2011 Cold Turkey, The Disc Golf Guy