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2010 USDGC Day Two Coverage 10/09/2010 USDGC, Clash Productions, usdgc10
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #56 - 2010 USDGC with Jonathan Poole, Brian Graham 10/08/2010 USDGC, The Disc Golf Guy, usdgc10
2010 USDGC Round One Coverage 10/08/2010 USDGC, Clash Productions, usdgc10
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #55 - Will Schusterick Tied for 1st at USDGC Young gun, Will Schusterick, PDGA #29064 has found himself atop the leader board at the 2010 USDGC. He stayed away from any big numbers and minimized his mistakes. Will has been touring more extensively this year including a great finish at the Japan Open in June. The final clips of this blog showcase some close up drives by Avery Jenkins, Garrett Gurthie, Robbie Bratten, Paul McBeth, Isaac Chaney, David Wiggins, Jr and Will himself. 10/08/2010 USDGC, The Disc Golf Guy, usdgc10
2010 USDGC Pre Round Video 10/07/2010 USDGC, usdgc10
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #54 - Valarie Jenkins Prepares for the USDGC Valarie Jenkins, PDGA #17495 recently is competing in the USDGC just a few weeks after adding another PDGA Major Title to her resume. To top that, she also tossed in a '1' while competing in the 2010 President's Cup at the Winthrop gold Course. After hearing how she plans to attack to the course we bring you a few clips of Crazy John Brooks and Ken Climo relaxing at the end of the day with some freestyle action. 10/08/2010 USDGC, The Disc Golf Guy, usdgc10
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #53 - LIVE Footage from the 2010 USDGC and DiscGolfPlanet.tv 10/06/2010 The Disc Golf Guy, usdgc10
2010 Presidents Cup: Honor Above All Dave Manzo is at it again! After a triumphant debut of his disc golf video talents from the Beaver State Fling earlier this year, Manzo is now painting his next portrait of the 2010 Presidents Cup team disc golf competition. This is Europe vs. the United States in a Ryder Cup format that transcends our sport in ways not previously seen. Our entire production team will be documenting the joys, the heartbreak, the camaraderie, and the competition between these most skilled players in the world. Manzo's style lends itself nicely to seeing what that players will be doing both on and off the course throughout their entire Presidents Cup experience. Scheduled for an October 2010 release, HONOR ABOVE ALL will be a disc golf movie that will surely help elevate our sport to the next level. More information on how you can watch this Video on Demand feature will follow shortly. 10/05/2010 usdgc10
2010 US Doubles - Sunday Coverage 2010 US Doubles - Sunday Coverage 10/05/2010 US Doubles
U.S. DOUBLES Friday 10/02/2010 2010 U.S. DOUBLES
U.S. Doubles Pre-Round 03/22/2013 2010 U.S. DOUBLES
U.S. Doubles Friday 10/02/2010 PDGA, U.S. DOUBLES
2010 US Doubles Pre-Round Video Pre round video from the 2010 US Doubles. 10/01/2010
2010 USWDGC Sunday 09/28/2010 USWDGC
2010 U.S. Doubles Preview 03/22/2013 PDGA, US Doubles
USWDGC Sunday 09/27/2010 USWDGC
USWDGC Saturday 09/28/2010 USWDGC
2010 USWDGC Friday Video 09/25/2010 USWDGC, Clash Production
2010 USWDGC Pre-round Video 09/24/2010 USWDGC, Clash Production
Saucer Golf Video Video that demonstrates a Saucer Golf target. Featured in the Fall 2010 issue of DiscGolfer Magazine written by Joe Feidt. Video shot at Moir Park in Bloomington, Minnesota by Dave Kennedy. 09/24/2010 Saucer Golf, DiscGofler Magazine, Joe Fiedt
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Throwing Basics Pro disc golfer and coach Scott Papa walks you through the essential motions and concepts of the disc golf throw. Video of the week for 9-22-2010. 09/22/2010 Video of the Week, Discraft
2010 USWDGC Promo 09/20/2010
2010 Cedar Hill Open Dynamic Discs 2010 Cedar Hill Open Disc Golf highlight video. Video of the week for 9-13-2010. 09/13/2010 Video of the Week
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #51 - Northwoods Open A-Tier Won by a Familiar Face - Cale Leiviska Hot shooting Cale Leiviska, PDGA #24341 traveled from Minnesota to reclaim his Northwoods Open title. Like everyone who visits Sandy Point, he has nothing but the highest accolades for the resort and gives his personal sales pitch for why everyone needs to visit this disc golfer's dream destination. 09/10/2010 Cale Leiviska, The Disc Golf Guy, Northwoods Open
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #50 - Hole 5 Guy, Near Ace and Highlights from Sandy Point Can you believe we already have 50 Disc Golf Guy Video Blogs. It was only fitting that I speak with fellow disc golf blogger, Hole 5 Guy. H5G has toured extensively this year and brings you video coverage and updates on his site. We are both honored to bring you disc golf action on a regular basis and we look forward to the next 50 video blogs. 09/07/2010 The Disc Golf Guy
Discgolf Girls of Norway This is a tribute to all female discgolfers around the world. Keep on playing, girls! Video is taken at the norwegian tournament Skien Open 2010 14.-15.aug. 21 girls from Norway and Sweden attended the womens division! Shot with Canon 5D mkII, Canon 70-200 f/4, Røde stereomic and a tripod. Video of the week for 9-7-2010. 09/07/2010 Video of the Week, Women, Norway
2010 Skylands NT-Final The 2010 Skylands Classic at Blue Mountain culminated the PDGA's National Tour. These are the spotlight events in disc golf that show off our best talent, best courses, and best events. This year's Skylands Classic came down to a sudden death playoff between David Feldberg and Matt Orum. Feldberg's perfect drive on the first hole was more than Orum could overcome, as the Oregonian went on to win his fourth NT of the season. Valarie Jenkins captured her fifth National Tour crown of 2010 with a solid final round. Des Reading finished second. Jay Reading is playing some of his best disc golf and outpaced the reigning Masters World Champion, Brad Hammock, to win that division. Leroy Jenkins was the class of the Grandmasters field with a 19-throw margin of victory. 09/01/2010 PDGA, Disc Golf, dave feldberg, des reading, Matt Orum, valarie jenkins, Blue Mountain
Player's Cup Preview The Player's Cup has been reborn as a Match Play tournament. Regional Qualifiers will be used to fill the bracket. 09/01/2010 Match Play, Player's Cup, Ocala
Discraft Disc Golf: Urban Style 313 Pro disc golfers invade downtown Detroit. Video of the Week for 8-30-2010. 08/30/2010 Video of the Week, Discraft, Urban Disc Golf
2010 Skylands Preview 08/27/2010