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5th Annual Alabama Slammer NCDGC Qualifier - Team

5th Annual Alabama Slammer NCDGC Qualifier - Team

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Official Results

TierClassificationTotal Players

Advanced (15)

1Mississippi state university 14816853369
2The university ofalabama 15916250371
3University of alabama-huntsville 15817154383
4The university of south alabama 16216953384
5Kennesaw state university 16017750387
6Clemson university 16617647389
7Auburn university 16317851392
8Georgia tech university 16618251399
8East tennessee state university 16218156399
10University of south florida 16618154401
11Georgia regents 16518952406
11The university of alabama b team 16218856406
13The university of north alabama 17219559426
14Mississippi state university b team 17818963430
15Kennesaw state university b team 18220160443